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Career Questions tagged Forensic Pathology

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Kyra Dec 03, 2022 360 views

Best way to get into forensics?

What is the best way to kick-start a career path in forensic pathology starting in Highschool?

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Kyra Nov 26, 2022 1227 views

Highschool Classes to become a Forensic pathologist?

What classes in Highschool should I take to become a Forensic Pathologist?

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Laura Apr 05, 2018 638 views

How has forensic pathology changed since you have began practicing?

Has the technology or methodology changed since you began working in this field?
#forensic-pathology #forensics #pathology

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Ayla Sep 01, 2017 532 views

Information about the Funeral Home business?

I plan on attending mortuary school after I graduate this year but I'm confused about all the career branches associated with the Funeral Home business. What I personally want to someday do is work in the funeral home, assist in picking up bodies, transporting to the crematory,...

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rayven Sep 01, 2017 907 views

what are the best steps to take in order to become a forensic science investigator?

#forensic-pathology #forensic-investigation #forensic-science

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Ashley Sep 01, 2017 724 views

What is a coroner's college journey like?

What schooling must a coroner go through medical school or Ph.D. How should one prepare for it through college? #forensic-pathology #medicine #forensic

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Citlali May 30, 2017 5279 views

What are the best majors to take if aiming to become a forensic pathologist?

I'm trying to plan how to become a forensic pathologist but I'm having some trouble in choosing a major. I understand that a doctorate is needed but the only information that I can find on majors says that a bachelor degree in science is needed. Is there any benefit to certain science majors...

Felicia’s Avatar
Felicia Nov 15, 2016 2928 views

How does a week look for a blood splatter analyst?

I am writing a research paper on my future career I am hoping to get a insight on how a day looks in the life of a splatter analyst. Your hours,does geography affect the job. How often do you go to court. Thank you #forensics #forensic-analysis #forensic-pathology

Sharlene’s Avatar
Sharlene Nov 14, 2016 1001 views

I am pursuing a major in Public Health for my undergraduate degree, however I am also interested in becoming a forensic scientists. How could I pursue this?

I have been interested in forensics for a while, however I have decided to pursue a public health major for my undergraduate degree due to my interest in public health as well. I am wondering if there are any recommendations for becoming a forensic scientist from a public health bachelors...

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Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 852 views

To Become a Forensic Pathologist, do I Need to Have Lots of Medical Experience Beforehand?

I have been wanting to be a forensic pathologist ever since I entered the 6th grade. I understand that I need eight years of schooling and about 3-5 years doing residential work. However, does that mean work as a doctor for 3 to 5 years then finally become a forensic pathologist? That has...

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jasmine May 21, 2016 1406 views

What jobs could I get with a forensics degree?

I plan to major in forensics. #forensics #forensic-analysis #forensic-psychology #computer-forensics #forensic-pathology #forensic-chemistry