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What jobs could I get with a forensics degree?

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3 answers

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Alexis’s Answer

Really any job that you meet the minimum requirements for. I got my B.S. In forensic science from ASU and I can go work in a crime lab, at a police department, as a crime scene clean up tech, or in a morgue. I can also work in hospital settings because of the science background. As long as you meet the requirements of the job you're good to go. Some jobs may require advanced degrees likes masters, Ph.D, MD/DO, or law degrees to which you'll need that extra schooling to be eligible for those jobs.

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Vineeth’s Answer

Top 13 Career Paths in Forensic Science

• Forensic Ballistics Expert
• Bloodstain Pattern Analyst.
• Forensic DNA Analyst.
• Forensic Toxicologist.
• Forensic Documents Examiner.
• Digital Forensic Expert / Forensic Computer Investigator.
• Forensic Anthropologist.
• Forensic Psychologist.

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Chris’s Answer

What type of forensics?