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Sarah M. May 12, 2016 612 views

Is there a large variety and availability of jobs if I have a Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree?

This is the field I plan on studying and I am curious as to what my future would be after attaining my degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #criminal-investigations...


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isacc Y. Sep 01, 2017 585 views

How would I apply to become a forensic analyst after I got my degree?

I'm curious as to how I would become a forensic analyst after i got my degree. What I mean is that I'm confused as to where I would go to apply and how I would learn how to do my job. I'm also curious as to whether I'd need to travel long distances to investigate crime scenes....

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Alyssa S. May 10, 2016 636 views
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Azandia T. Feb 21, 2017 468 views
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Felicia S. Nov 15, 2016 2298 views

How does a week look for a blood splatter analyst?

I am writing a research paper on my future career I am hoping to get a insight on how a day looks in the life of a splatter analyst. Your hours,does geography affect the job. How often do you go to court. Thank you #forensics #forensic-analysis...


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Sharlene M. Nov 14, 2016 535 views

I am pursuing a major in Public Health for my undergraduate degree, however I am also interested in becoming a forensic scientists. How could I pursue this?

I have been interested in forensics for a while, however I have decided to pursue a public health major for my undergraduate degree due to my interest in public health as well. I am wondering if there are any recommendations for becoming a forensic scientist from a public health bachelors...

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Celeste O. Oct 27, 2016 471 views

As a forensic anthropologist, do you feel satisfactory by solving a case? When presenting information on a case, do forensic anthropologists get nervous?

As a junior in high school a forensic anthropologist is my ideal career choice. Before making a final decision on my future career choice I would like to know more information about it than what the internet gives me. To get a better understating of this job and to get information from people...

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Amanda M. Oct 25, 2016 1327 views

With a forensic science degree with a concentration in biology, what is to be expected job-wise?

I intend to major in forensic science (biology, not chemistry), but even after quite a lot of research, I'm finding it quite difficult figuring out what exactly one does if they have biology as the concentration (for the major). I prefer biology over chemistry, so I'm just wondering if a major...

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Trisha W. Oct 19, 2016 535 views

What are the most important skills and abilities required for a Forensic Toxicologist?

I am asking this question because in the future I want to be a Forensic Toxicologist and I want to be prepared with the right skills to get the job. #chemistry #criminal-justice #forensic-analysis...


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Silas T. Aug 03, 2016 610 views

Is a better choice to graduate in a school with a biotechnology program or a school that has just a biology major and concentration in Biotech

Am a junior college student majoring in Biotechnology. Am asking my question because I want to make a better choice for my degree #tech #marine-biology #biotechnology #laboratory...


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Onyinye I. May 24, 2016 497 views

How can someone get C++certified even though he or she is not a computer science major? Will having this advantage help with interview?

I took a c++ programming class and saw the benefits of learning to write codes for certain applications. I have a better understanding of how many technology work and the programs responsible for running them. I wish to apply what I have learned to the forensic field, but I do not wish to go...

#technology #computer #forensic-analysis #forensic

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Kirsten B. May 18, 2016 689 views

How long does it usually take to get a job in the forensics field after graduating college?

I'm very anxious to start a career in forensics and I would love to know how long it usually takes to get a job after graduating. #forensic #forensic-analysis...


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Kirsten B. May 18, 2016 707 views

How do I prepare myself for a career in forensic sciences?

It would be helpful to know what classes are recommended for me to take in college and any advise from professionals that may help me in the future. #forensic #forensic-analysis...


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Amanda G. Aug 09, 2015 1903 views

What is the work schedule for a Forensic Scientist like? What's the best part of the job? What's the worst part? What commonly occurs? Do all forensic scientists appear in court at least once in their careers, or are there some that don't ever?

I'm a current college freshman majoring in Biology. I am highly interested in going into the Forensic Science profession; no specific choice of emphasis (DNA analysis, fingerprinting, etc.) I was considering changing my major to forensic science to get a more in depth education. However,...

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