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Career Questions tagged Crime Scene Investigator

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Jan 17 255 views

Hi! tell me about working in criminal justice

whats is a day-to-day basis like working in criminal justice?

what's the hardest part of working in criminal justice?

what's the consistency of the hours in the criminal justice work place?

Dayanara’s Avatar
Dayanara Apr 08, 2022 344 views

What is it like working as an CSI ? What's something nice about working there?

This is something I want to study but I'm not sure if I'm able to manage to see all the crime, but I think I can handle it at the same time. What is some experience you had seeing all these crimes? Did you get used to it? What was the worst crime you've seen?

Monse’s Avatar
Monse Mar 03, 2022 324 views

What degree do CSI do?

#career-choice #csi

Teague’s Avatar
Teague Apr 22, 2021 523 views

How To Become A Crime Scene Detective?

How Do You Become A Crime Scene Detective? I would love to become a crime scene detective. I would like to know how to achieve that? #crime-scene-investigator #crime

hailey’s Avatar
hailey Oct 19, 2020 426 views

What is the craziest thing you've seen working on a crime scene?


Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 06, 2018 517 views

How much experience do you have to have to be a forensic scientist?

I need to know so I'll be prepared for this job when I'm older. I love the idea of solving the crimes, gathering DNA, and finding criminals whom committed the crime.

#crime-scene-investigator #forensics

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 652 views

What is a good college to go to for criminal investigation

Good school to go to #nursing #criminal-justice #crime-scene-investigator

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Oct 27, 2016 813 views

What does a regular work day of forensic scientists consist of?

I want to know how often I will be preforming experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, or collaborating with a team so that I know that it is the best fit for me. #science #biology #chemistry #criminology #laboratory #crime-scene-investigator #forensic-science #teamwork

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Oct 27, 2016 848 views

Are there only certain forensic scientists that are asked to go crime scenes to investigate and gather data?

I am physically disabled and I enjoy and prefer working in lab settings. I wouldn't be comfortable with going to crime scenes and having to be extra careful with my steps or worrying about how I will help gather evidence if I have to squat or be in positions that are difficult for me to get in....

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Oct 25, 2016 869 views

Which forensic science related job would be best for me based on my interests?

With a forensic science major, I intend to work with trace evidence, but I can't determine which job would allow me to do so. I know of Forensic Anthropologists, Blood Splatter Technicians, Entomologists, etc. but I don't know which of these (and the rest) I would need to work as to be able to...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Oct 25, 2016 2538 views

With a forensic science degree with a concentration in biology, what is to be expected job-wise?

I intend to major in forensic science (biology, not chemistry), but even after quite a lot of research, I'm finding it quite difficult figuring out what exactly one does if they have biology as the concentration (for the major). I prefer biology over chemistry, so I'm just wondering if a major...

Lindsay’s Avatar
Lindsay Oct 19, 2016 947 views

Do I have to study chemistry or biology in college to become a Forensic Scientist?

I have been debating over whether it will be easier to find work in this field if I major in a strictly science subject, or if I can major in criminal justice/criminology and still achieve the same goal. #science #biology #chemistry #forensic #college-majors #japan #criminology...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Sep 21, 2016 2780 views

Do you have to be a police officer to be a Crime Scene Investigator and what is the job description?

I am really considering to be a crime scene investigator, but I really would not like to be a police officer. I've research many descriptions of the job, but none have given me a straight forward answer. Can someone please help me understand? #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #forensic...

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 08, 2015 2707 views

What classes are required for a medical examiner?

I am interested in fulfilling this career and want to get a head start on my classes. #doctor #forensic #crime-scene-investigator #medical-examiner

Axael’s Avatar
Axael Dec 02, 2014 870 views

I want to work in the police task force (finding kidnapped people)

It will make me feel better that the people are found and not dead #police #crime-scene-investigator #investigator

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Mar 26, 2014 859 views

What degree do i have to get to be a crime scene investigator?

I think this is what I want to do #crime-scene-investigator

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Mar 26, 2014 974 views

What majors do you have to take to be a Crime Scene Investigator?

Crime Scene Investigator #crime-scene-investigator