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Career Questions tagged Homicide Detective

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Aug 19 127 views

Asking for advice

What are some alternatives to being a homicide detective? I have a health condition that makes me unable to become a homicide detective.

Cassie’s Avatar
Cassie Jul 25 92 views

What classes should i be looking at to become a Lawyer or Homicide detective

Hello, my name is Cassie I'm in grade 9 I want to be a criminal lawyer or homicide detective, but I'm not sure what classes i should be taking.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Apr 12, 2021 480 views

How can I become a homicide detective when I'm young?

#homicide-detective #police
Hi my name is Jessica and I want to become a homicide detective. My question is how can I develop my idea of becoming a homicide detective to actually becoming one, while I am still too young to study it? And what will I need to work on to develop my skills?

skye’s Avatar
skye Nov 05, 2020 259 views

how can i become a FBI agent

like what would it take to become that #oncology #homicide-detective #forensics

Gaialla’s Avatar
Gaialla Apr 06, 2018 512 views

How can I find a summer job in forensics?

I need a summer job!! I'm 14 years old and I am looking for a job/internship in forensics. #forensics #blood-spatter-analyst #crime-scene-investigation #homicide-detective

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 726 views

How long will it take for me to get just a simple degree in criminal investigation

How long will it take #crime #homicide-detective #crime-scene-investigation

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Feb 02, 2017 836 views

homicide detective

How long do you work? What kind of degree would you recommend the most for this kind of job? What kind of physical training do you need? How many years of collage? #law-enforcement #homicide-detective

Shirley’s Avatar
Shirley Jun 25, 2015 753 views

what classes would you need to take to achieve the career of being a detective

i am not trying to take classes that i wont need it the future and that i wont be interested in and i would also like to solve murder mysteries ! #police-officer #detective #homicide-detective

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Mar 19, 2015 2003 views

Can someone give me some more insight on the life of a homicide detective?

For most of my life I have always had the idea of becoming a homicide detective, I had an gist on what the career would entail but I wasn't and still am not quite sure what will actually take place so if someone could better my understanding of the life of an homicide detective I would be very...