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Career Questions tagged Criminal

Chase M.’s Avatar
Chase M. Nov 22, 2021 72 views

Iv always wondered, is there a special unit for blood spatter, or is that just with the CSI field.

This field has always interested me because i'v watched crime shows and also its something that I wouldn't mind to get into once i graduate from high school. Criminal Justice # Blood Spatter...


Crystal L.’s Avatar
Crystal L. Oct 26, 2021 75 views

how can someone prepare themselves to become an FBI agent

i am an high school senior interested in becoming an FBI agent . I find it interesting...


Lakiriaha L.’s Avatar
Lakiriaha L. May 05, 2021 207 views

Being a detective, what is the most challenging investigation?

What would you consider the most trickiest case?Criminal Minds...


Pedro N.’s Avatar
Pedro N. Feb 03, 2020 255 views

Is there any volunteer firefighter work available?

I live in the Rogers Park area Chicago Illinois. I'm interested in the firefighter volunteer. I have a criminal background. What are my chances and getting into volunteer work? criminal volunteer...


emily G.’s Avatar
emily G. Oct 29, 2019 217 views

how do i find my passion in my job

I would like to try out something with crimal justice, sports industry, something big to be known for, listening to peoples background stories on how they grew up to get to where they are, child abuse. being on tv or a porfessional in any sports o rto be known sports criminal famous...

knownfor helpingothers backgroundstories

nayomy V.’s Avatar
nayomy V. Apr 12, 2019 286 views

how many years to be a FBA agent

to help people from freedom and justice to know why they did that an to be in the field college career criminal...


Joselin T.’s Avatar
Joselin T. Apr 12, 2019 596 views

how many years to be an FBI agent

i want to know what it takes to become an FBI agent? or study the minds of criminals and i also want to help people criminal-justice law-enforcement...


Helen S.’s Avatar
Helen S. Apr 09, 2019 375 views

What major(s) should I choose to work in the human trafficking area or in the terrorism area?

I am currently enrolling into a collegiate high school so that I may graduate high school with my associates degree, however the final part in the process requires me to choose a major. I would like any information at all regarding internships or majors I should choose or if I should double...

major law college-major terrorism criminal human-trafficking

Maria G.’s Avatar
Maria G. Aug 18, 2018 499 views

What should I focus on when studying for the BAR exam?

I want to start preparing for the BAR exam...but I don't know where to start! law criminal lawyer...


Tanner W.’s Avatar
Tanner W. Aug 13, 2018 281 views

What is the best degree to pursue for a career as a central intelligence agent or FBI agent?

Criminal justice/political science is consideration. police officer military...

Nyomi V.’s Avatar
Nyomi V. Aug 09, 2018 259 views

How hard would it be for me to be in the FBI?

I'm thinking of a career in the FBI. How difficult would this be? Criminal...