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Career Questions tagged Legal Profession

Allyson’s Avatar
Allyson May 10 39 views

What subjects would me good to take in highschool if I want to become a lawyer?

Subjects that would be needed to become a lawyer?
Sports ?
GPA needed?

Carissa’s Avatar
Carissa Apr 17, 2018 848 views

How should I be preparing for the LSAT?

I want to be as prepared as possible when I take the LSAT to get into law school. What courses should I be taking and what books/resources should I be using independently? #law #law-school #legal-profession #legal-studies #lsat

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 01, 2017 791 views

What steps should I take on my path to majoring in law?

I'm planning on majoring in law in college, yet I have very little idea as to what I'm supposed to do to get there. Any suggestions as to what courses I should be taking, how to apply to take the LSAT, etc. Anything that could help my clueless self!
#law #legal-profession #lsat #college-majors

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 22, 2016 2489 views

I'm interested in Law but I don't want to be a lawyer. Which other options could I look into?

I am about to graduate with my undergrad in Political Science and Sociology and was considering law school but I am not interested in become a lawyer. Are there other careers I can do with a law degree and not practice law? #law #graduate-school #legal #legal-studies #legal-profession...

Gobinath’s Avatar
Gobinath May 10, 2016 858 views

What are career development opportunities at Automotive Body & Related Repairers? Divisions in auto mobile engineering.

Hai I am Gobi. wanted to know career development opportunities in Automobiles. #engineer #professor #educator #experts #automobile #mentors #legal-profession

Law Questioner ’s Avatar
Law Questioner Apr 29, 2015 1449 views

What types of challeges do lawyers face in school and the job?

I am doing and project on a career (lawyer). I need to do an interview with a person that has studied or is studying this field. please contact me at at my career village account if you are interested in helping me! #law #lawyer #professors #attorney #judge #legal-profession