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I'm interested in Law but I don't want to be a lawyer. Which other options could I look into?

Asked Fort Worth, Texas

I am about to graduate with my undergrad in Political Science and Sociology and was considering law school but I am not interested in become a lawyer. Are there other careers I can do with a law degree and not practice law? #law #graduate-school #legal #legal-studies #legal-profession #legal-writing

5 answers

Daniel’s Answer

Updated Vineland, New Jersey
A legal education can be very beneficial in the business world. One interesting job could be working for the claims department of an insurance company. You legal training would be beneficial in helping you to understanding insurance policies, and the litigation that sometimes arises from a dispute over the claim amount. General Liability insurance policies cover an insured for claims filed against the insured. Many of these claims go to litigation, and insurance companies, knowing this, often hire persons with legal training.

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi. Good question. My wife and I work for Dell...she is in the legal dept and works with contracts...contract managers, negotiators and capture managers make good money and require legal knowledge. Most larger companies have these type of positions. Escalation, dispute resolution and some human resources jobs require a legal background as well. Good luck.

Paul V.’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Agent, Arbitrator, Auditor, Author, Accountant, Banker, Bar Association Administrator, Career Counselor, Certified Financial Planner, Commercial Real Estate Agent, Computer Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Department Store Buyer, Designer/Developer of Trial Visual Aids, Deposition Videographer, Director of Career Services, Admissions or Alumni Affairs, Editor, Fundraiser, Investment Banker, Journalist, Jury Consultant, Law Librarian, Law Professor, Legislative Analyst, Legal Software Developer/Vendor, Legal Consultant, Legal Headhunter, Lobbyist, Management Consultant, Mediator, Politician/Political Advisor, Publisher, Real Estate Developer, Screenwriter, Small Business Owner, Special Event/Conference Planner, Stockbroker, Title Examiner or Trust Officer/Estate Administrator

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Yes, but you won't earn enough to pay back the law school loans, and you will be competing with all the law school graduates who were unable to find jobs as lawyers. Have you considered a career as a Paralegal? If you do, please select a school that is approved by the American Bar Association. http://apps.americanbar.org/legalservices/paralegals/directory/tx.html

Amarillo College, Amarillo El Centro College, Dallas Kaplan College (f/k/a Southeastern Career Institute) Lamar State College-Port Arthur, Port Arthur Lee College, Baytown Lone Star College - North Harris (f/k/a North Harris College), Houston San Jacinto College - North, Houston Tarrant County College - Hurst Texas A & M University, Commerce Texas State University, San Marcos Wharton County Junior College, Richmond

My recommendation would be Texas State University, which has an ABA approved graduate level program. You can earn either a certificate or a Master's degree. best of luck!

Daniel’s Answer

Updated Vineland, New Jersey
Yes, a law degree can be very beneficial in the business world. The educational process teaches a student about the legislative process, regulatory matters, and legal hurdles that can face a business. In addition, it teaches critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation skills. All of these skills are important in the business world.