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Frankie’s Avatar
Frankie Feb 04, 2022 243 views

Should I be a lawyer

I am a little interested in laws #lawyer

Mara’s Avatar
Mara Apr 17, 2021 444 views

How can one be prepared when it comes to LSATs and applying for law school?

#law-school #law

Mara’s Avatar
Mara Apr 17, 2021 544 views

On the road to becoming a lawyer, how did you decide which type of law you wanted to practice??

#law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #lawyers

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Apr 12, 2020 410 views

What do Lawyers do immediately after law school?

This question is asked in the context of opening their own practice or joining a firm #law-school #lawyer #attorney

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Apr 12, 2020 490 views

What skills do you need every day as an attorney?

My sister, Siobhan, is interested in being an attorney, but she doesn't really know what that entails. #law #lawyer #attorney

Kiyonna’s Avatar
Kiyonna Aug 27, 2019 241 views

What do i need to do to become a lawyer?

I am in the 11th grade and i'm currently taking Law 2 and Court Systems. #Lawyer

Paula’s Avatar
Paula Oct 13, 2018 462 views

What should I study for LSATs?

My main goal is to get into law school, though I am slightly unaware as to what to study. Does anyone know what I should focus on? #law-school #college

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Aug 18, 2018 684 views

What should I focus on when studying for the BAR exam?

I want to start preparing for the BAR exam...but I don't know where to start! #law #criminal #lawyer #criminallawyer

Lilli’s Avatar
Lilli Apr 06, 2018 444 views

What college should I attend in the south to be a District Attorney/ Lawyer?

I've always thought about being a lawyer or a district attorney, what are some colleges that are considered "law schools" in the south? #law

Viridiana’s Avatar
Viridiana Jan 15, 2018 489 views

what is the hardest about becoming a lawyer?

Throughout the process of becoming a lawyer, what is the hardest? Is it the LSAT's OR getting into a Law school, or finding a job after? #lawyer

jayla’s Avatar
jayla Nov 16, 2017 821 views

How many years of school/ education to become a lawyer ?..what important classes do you wish you should've taken to become a lawyer

is there a specific number ? #law-school #law #law-practice

Celestin’s Avatar
Celestin May 20, 2016 926 views

Safest path for international students

Hi all, I am an international student on an F-1 visa. I am aware that getting sponsored from US companies is hard, yet I am confident in my ability to get an offer. My question is: what is the next step? If I get an H-1b visa, what should I undertake next in order to be as safe as possible...

Kawahjahlin’s Avatar
Kawahjahlin Aug 30, 2017 664 views

What should I major in to be a lawyer?

I need to know possible choices of majors before I choose a college.

Caylyn ’s Avatar
Caylyn Jun 20, 2017 960 views

How do I decide where I want to go to law school?

Should I be looking at law schools in the state where I want to live and practice law after graduation, or should I only be looking at the schools that have a good program for the kind of law I want to practice? I am torn between the two options, and I was wondering what criteria I should...

Wyatt ’s Avatar
Wyatt May 15, 2017 980 views

What college should a lawyer go to?

I was wondering what college I should go to if I want to be a lawyer. #law