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How can one be prepared when it comes to LSATs and applying for law school?

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4 answers

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Jay’s Answer

I'm studying for the LSAT's right now and I am using the 3 Holy Books - the PowerScore Bible Trilogy 2020-2021 - and 7sage. These have both been the best resources I have used to study for the LSAT's for my exams and I have benefited and grown tremendously in my scores by 10 points from 160 to 170. I also recommend setting up a dedicated study schedule of approximately 5-10 hours per week to put into the exam. I am not good with standardized exams so I have to put more effort into studying and becoming a more efficient LSAT tester so it also depends on how you study. You can start studying your sophomore year of college but junior year of college is when mostly everybody starts studying because applications open late summer and you should build a strong resume by working with law firms, law clerks, non-profits, political campaigns, business internships, and so on.
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Mariana’s Answer

Hi Mara!

What I think it could work for you is:

1.- Talk to your prelaw advisor: An advisor can provide guidance about the LSAT and help you choose the right law school for you. If you’ve already graduated, you can locate your prelaw advisor by contacting your undergraduate degree-granting school, or by establishing an account, which will provide your advisor’s name and contact information.

2.- Make a LSAT study schedule with some steps:

Step #1: Take a practice exam before you begin studying
Step #2: Determine how much time you will need to prepare based on your baseline score and admissions goals
Step #3: Adjust your lifestyle and work schedule to accommodate your LSAT preparation schedule
Step #4: Prepare detailed weekly schedules in advance
Step #5: Set aside a minimum of one hour per week for vocabulary review

I´m leaving link in which you could find this steps with more info:

Good luck!

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Christopher’s Answer

In addition to what the other answer says, there are also prep courses you can take to study specifically for the LSAT. Additionally, you can research study and preparation methods on Youtube and other websites like it. Khan Academy has a free LSAT prep program.
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Paul V.’s Answer

Read all kinds of articles on different subjects; try to increase your reading speed and comprehension as well. How? Read, read, read. Read in the morning, read throughout the day, read in the evening.

Paul V. recommends the following next steps:

Read a collection of short stories by famous authors
Read magazine articles
Buy a book of practice tests and practice reading passages and answering questions
Answer ALL the questions, even if you have to guess
Choose one response of A, B, C or D and stick with it when you have to guess