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If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

Asked Mentor, Ohio

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in?
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15 answers

Joanne’s Answer

Updated Montclair, New Jersey
To be honest, I would keep it simple and have an 'early dismissal with pay' for all. A simple act of kindness to show appreciation for a staff is well worth it.
Thank you!

Chaimaa’s Answer

Updated Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco
It is more common than not to find managers that are too hierarchy-centered, i.e set extreme boundaries between themselves and their teams. This creates a wedge between these latter, affecting the working environment and hence the firm's productivity levels. A work relationship built on transparency and trust, however, adds to the comfort of both managers and their teams. That in mind, what I would do if I were a manager for a day is to sit my entire team and have a genuine, hierarchy-less conversation to figure out the general mood of the workplace. Honest questions will bring forward honest answers, which would then lead to honest change in our working environment. A day's worth of complete transparency might then lead to an overall better productivity levels and pleasant workplace.
That is an excellent point, thank you so much!
I would have an employee appreciation day once a month. I find that appreciation goes along way toward high performance. At the end of the month, as a manager I would recognize top performers to the team and also award them in some way. A few minutes offline time, opportunities for theme to share best practices, or employee spotlights throughout the industry.

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas
I too work at a career center. We currently have a goal of getting clients back to work within ten weeks, but the focus is on giving them job referrals, with little help in making them "job-ready." I would implement a process that shifts the focus away from how many job referrals we give to our clients. Instead, I would have a "gate-keeper" tasked with reviewing each resume, and making sure it is a GOOD resume, rather than just "acceptable," before case managers could give job referrals to the client. Great question!
That is good advice, thank you so much!

Lisanne’s Answer

Updated Eu, Normandy, France
Nice question. I wouldn't change that much. I really like the department where I am working. We have lots of flexibility, for instance: it doesn't matter how or where you do your job, most important is that you do you job when people expect you to do something. But since I am a manager for only one day, I will treat on cake or so :)
Cake is always good! :) Thanks for your answer!

R. Scott’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas
Listening and acknowledging the effort and importance of what each individual is working on for the Company.
Thank you for answering, Mr. Sanders! I appreciate it.

Sam’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
If I could change anything at all, it would be to instill in members of the department the underlying reasons for why we're all doing the work we're doing. It's very easy to forget the purposes for the work that we do in the day-to-day; I think that happens in any industry or line of work.
Great point, thank you!

Chris’s Answer

You should not have to be your own boss/manager to be looking to grow and improve. Honest self critique / assessment is and should be a part of every person's development process. I am always looking to grow and improve. The hard part is being honest with yourself and taking action on areas you identify.
That is an excellent point, Mr. Kohlun ,thank you!

Susan’s Answer

Updated Wilmington, North Carolina
Great question I strongly believe culture is everything if you have a great team culture the numbers will follow. I would continue to build on the strong culture that we already have. I would make sure that everyone's vision is the same so we can grow and develop together as one
Your answer is great Susan, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work!

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California
I have experienced this in one of my jobs as manager. I was asked to move into a different department because of my background in Career Counseling. It was quite a different experience, but I was able to contribute some of my ideas to make it a little better working environment. These are some of the things that I did : 1. I had interviews with the people that were under my management and got to know what skills they had and what experience and interests they have within this company. I interviewed them individually and got a wealth of information from each person and used many ideas to help the center run more smoothly. Some of the employees got to actually work at what they really liked to do. 2. The second idea that I had was to put readable signs in places that they could be seen by the visitors that entered the Career Center. 3. I made an introduction paper that each visitor got when they entered the center knew about all the options that we offer and who they should see or make an appointment with. 4. The one thing that was hard for me to do was to let someone go because they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. In this instance it was the fact that this employee was always late for work and the excuses were wide spread. This person had trouble with being on time and was written up several times for this. This employee was soon gone from the company. 5. When the receptionist was gone to lunch or otherwise, we had our staff take turns to help with the front desk because someone had to answer questions. So we all had a workshop to teach everyone in the company how to run the front desk when the receptionist is away from the desk. Some of what I changed was actual work related and other ideas that I had were to use the personalities that were present at work and try and put each person in a situation that they could use their interests and feel like they are contributing to the flow of the office and the betterment of the people that they are talking to. I hope this gives you some answer for you to think when managing people in the workplace. Sometimes you can find information about management within a class situation, or a business management book, or using some experiences that you have had and that were favorable to you. Managing people is not an easy job, so the more you know about the people you are managing the better able you are to help them and the company run well.
Thank you so much for your answer! It seems you really improved your workplace. Thanks again!

Pamela’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Create a supportive and trusting environment for the team.   Be open and honest.

Rosalinda’s Answer


If I was manager for myself, I would allow collaboration with outside area to help maintain information accurate and available to everyone within the departments.  Also making it easier to allocate work or assistance.

David’s Answer

Updated Hilliard, Ohio

I have been a manager for a fast food company, and so have learned some great ways to help the day go by smoothly. To relate it to my current profession, I would visualize before my shift started, what I wanted to accomplish for the day, and then plan how I would do that. Once in the office, set the plan in motion, and be sure to include everyone. I would throw in some "trivia games" to keep the day light, and be sure to praise the team throughout the day for the great job they are doing. When the day is over, log the successes and opportunities, so that the rest of the week, month, year, can go smoothly.

John’s Answer

Updated Hilliard, Ohio

make time for a one on one... talk about feelings; and then remind myself to act as my own manager in my career and in my life.

Deleaisa’s Answer

Updated Elgin, South Carolina

If i were my own manager i would make every day fun and productive at the same time. Everyone would enjoy coming to work.

Ryan’s Answer

Updated Rome, Georgia

I would work on changing the culture. Showing appreciation for employees and letting them know they are what makes the company we work for great.

That is an excellent point, it is so important to make sure your employees know they are appreciated and wanted. Thank you for your answer!