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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Charulatha’s Avatar
Charulatha Jun 24, 2016 1008 views

Time Management in Work?

How important Time Management in Work. How to Complete the Work withing the Given Time Period when the Work is overloaded? How to Manage #teaching #professor #education #management #educator #manage

Kat’s Avatar
Kat Jan 17, 2018 807 views

How do I know what sort of job suits me?

I'm not sure if I'd fit best into a sit down job or one with lots of hustle, I do well in school sitting down all day but I also excel in work that has me up and moving
#job-search-strategies #career-advice #career-counseling #career-development

Ali’s Avatar
Ali May 08, 2016 4096 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it?

Thank you! #technology #management #leadership #human-resources

Jhovani’s Avatar
Jhovani Jan 25, 2018 579 views

Was it hard to pay off college?

I want to know my financial status and if college is the right path for me. #path #college #financial-planning #money-management

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared Nov 02, 2016 701 views

What is one thing I can do after school as a high school student to set myself up for a career in community management?

Your average high school sophomore has an hour of travel to get home after school, followed by several hours of homework. What are some things that they can do with those flex hours after school to increase their chances of being ready for a career in community management? _This is part of a...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Apr 10, 2017 752 views

How do we keep young men and women involved in the community!

I love social work and I intern for Mercy Corps NW. We work with men and women reentering the community to get the resources they need to be successful. #5-10 #social-work #reentry #community #nonprofits #community-involvement

Renee’s Avatar
Renee May 25, 2016 1280 views

Is human resources as bad as everyone says it is?

I am studying for a bachelor's in human resources and accounting. I love accounting, and am curious if that will be enough to make my future career enjoyable. #management #accounting #human #resources

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 10, 2017 21143 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! #career-choice #change-management #project-management #professional-training #computer-software...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 11, 2016 3575 views

What are some areas of telecommunications that will see the most growth in the coming decade or so?

I'm curious about what specific types of jobs are in demand now or will become more in demand within the next few years. This could even include positions that don't exist currently, but might in the future once technological innovations call for it. #communications #telecommunications...

MaryAnn’s Avatar
MaryAnn Apr 18, 2018 726 views

What are scholarship essay judges usually looking for, aside from good grammar and syntax?

When someone is applying for a scholarship that includes an essay, how do the judges usually choose the winner? Obviously it will vary based on the topic, but what makes up a good scholarship essay?

#scholarship #scholarships #scholarship-essay #college-essay