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I'm one of the founders of CareerVillage. I'm also one of the chief administrators of the CareerVillage community. You can reach me at team@careervillage.org. Happy Q&Aing!

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Posted on Oct 09 '15 at 05:01 PM

Speech Therapist

Context: Go to college and get a degree in Speech pathology.
College: N/A
Other Education: N/A
Activities: N/A
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #computer-science #computer-software

icon-country-tagsUnited States of America

Jared's Questions and Answers

No, it's not really terribly hard, but there are some pros and cons to consider. Probably less hard than the original application process you went through to get into your first college. Of course, there's no guarantee that the target college will accept a transfer student, but if you've got...

Active Nov 15 '18 at 08:53 PM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

(@Everyone: Please comment with other scholarship sites I have missed!)Here are the biggest scholarship websites:FastWeb: I hear students referring to this one a lot. They have several billion dollars worth of scholarships listed and are quite searchable. Look for highly specific ones that meet...

Active Oct 25 '18 at 11:24 PM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Testing only. Ignore. Jared...

Active Jan 15 at 01:02 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

It's a pretty serious and competitive school, where people hustle hard, work hard, and are driven by a purpose: to set themselves up for a great career. Business feels like the center of the world at Stern. Finance ruled supreme in the school, and the students in the best position for...

Active Jun 08 '18 at 08:10 PM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

To Adriana: Congrats on getting your dream school! Awesome!!! So happy for you! Go bulls!To other CareerVillage.org pros: Please comment with feedback / suggestions. I'd love to edit my response to be more helpful!Step 1: make a financial plan. Step 2: speak with your college's financial aid...

Active Mar 12 '18 at 10:28 PM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

TL;DR: No, you don't need to worry about this at all and should forge ahead with your interest despite this concern you have. You don't need to be a math or science person (at least not in the way you're defining it in your question), for two reasons:"STEM" may sound like a small set of topics...

Active Feb 07 '18 at 07:04 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Topline: It's possible but exceptionally rare to major in three unrelated fields without experiencing a huge reduction in your GPA, lower non-academic accomplishments such as extracurriculars or work experience, or a significant delay in when you can graduate. Two unrelated fields is hard...

Active Jan 22 '18 at 05:56 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Yes, it is normal. I have anxiety about the future all the time. Most of my friends face some form of acute stress on a very frequent basis, much of it rooted in anxiety about what the future holds. I used to have terrible anxiety as a teenager as well. I remember really worrying that I was...

Active Oct 13 '17 at 08:11 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

TL;DR: I got the idea from combining my experience on StackOverflow.com with my experience organizing an event for The Opportunity Network. Longer story: I founded CareerVillage.org with my wife in 2011 as a side project in my living room. The idea for it came to me during a conversation we...

Active Oct 13 '17 at 07:30 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Hi Christie. Do you think you could edit your question to include a little bit more about some of the things you're interested in, or what you may have tried so far to explore? I think it would help us know how to best...

Active Sep 03 '17 at 05:02 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Hi Shane! When you ask about the hardest part, do you mean the hardest part of day-to-day life of being a chef (when you're already a chef), or the hardest part of *becoming* a chef (like on the path to becoming...

Active Aug 31 '17 at 12:03 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

**TL;DR** There's no clear "right" and "wrong" major for this occupation. All else equal, I'd suggest majoring in business (if available) or nonprofit management (if available although this will be very rare). But the optimal strategy is probably to picking a major that either helps you become...

Active Aug 24 '17 at 04:58 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Hi Bindi. This is a very interesting question, but it's not clear to me how it relates to your aspirations for your personal future. I can imagine a few ways you might be able to tie it into your plans for your future. Can you edit your question to tie it in a little more closely to your career...

Active Jul 13 '17 at 06:03 PM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Hi Brittany. That's a LOT of questions! I think you might get better results if you split the questions up so each one gets one page. Otherwise I worry that qualified volunteers might be a little intimidated by the large volume of...

Active May 18 '17 at 12:31 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.

Headline: I would keep my job, but if you asked me 6 years ago I would have told you that I would have switched jobs. Why I would keep my job if I won the lottery right now Because I am currently working on something I am passionate about and enjoy working on. Because my job allows me to have...

Active Mar 28 '17 at 12:18 AM
Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.
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