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Laniya Dec 21, 2020 4605 views

How does investing in the stock market work? When I buy a share in a company, how do I sell it? How do people lose money in the market? Any other information?

stock market
college student
#stocks-investing #stock-market #stock-trading

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Laniya Nov 30, 2020 421 views

What are some occupations for an International Business major Economics minor? Is this a degree a waste?

I chose International Business and Economics because I am interested in business and politics and wanted degree that could be useful in both, but the more I look for jobs in business, the less value I see in my choice. I am still a freshman so I have time to change it. #business...

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Laniya Nov 19, 2020 649 views

How do you stay hopeful after multiple job rejections?

Struggling college student. #students #career #GivingisCaring

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Laniya Nov 18, 2020 1073 views

Is an economics minor useful? For those who have that minor or have employees that minor in economics, has it impacted your career and how?

I am a freshman International Business major. #college-minor #majors-and-minors #academic-advising #majors #GivingisCaring

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Laniya Jul 30, 2020 745 views

What are the most useful languages to know in the field of International Business?

I am a college freshman who will major in International Business and is choosing a foreign language to study. #field #college #languages #bilingual #business #JULY20 #July20 #July #JULY

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Laniya Jul 30, 2020 619 views

If you have a degree in International Business, what job(s) have you had that a Business Management degree could not obtain?

I am a college freshman majoring in Business Management but transitioning into International Business. #career #business #July #JULY #JULY20 #July20