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Career Questions tagged Stock Market

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Aidyn Mar 06 66 views

How much investment does it take to be a successful day trader?

Can you start out small or do you need a large amount of money to even begin?

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Aidyn Mar 06 50 views

How much skill does it take to be a day trader?

Does it take a lot of patience or is it mainly based on skill?

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Aidyn Mar 06 36 views

What is the best way to learn day trading?

How did you learn? Does it require college or some other type of secondary education? How long does it take to learn and be successful?

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Nov 01, 2022 116 views

Is a finance or business degree better for a stock broker?

Being a stock broker is the career which I have been looking at the longest but I am not sure whether a finance or business degree would be better for the job.

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Siyanda Mar 28, 2021 308 views

could i balance working as CA and stoke trading on the side

#CA #stock trading #stocks-investing #stock-market #realestate #maths

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JWILLY Mar 18, 2021 644 views

Is it good to be involved in the stock market?

I am a middle school student who wants to get involved in the stock market. #web-marketing #marketing #online-marketing #stocks-investing #stock-market

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Laniya Dec 21, 2020 4589 views

How does investing in the stock market work? When I buy a share in a company, how do I sell it? How do people lose money in the market? Any other information?

stock market
college student
#stocks-investing #stock-market #stock-trading

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Jared Jan 16, 2018 1210 views

I want to make money in the stock market so what is the best degree to get for that?

I am interested in how the stock market works and am interested in a job in this area.
#stock-market #investing #business #stock-market

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Devetra May 03, 2017 3467 views

How can you learn about the stock market?

Thinking about investing #stock-market #stocks-investing #stock-trading

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sameera Jun 23, 2016 1452 views

is there a course for stock exchange?

i want to pursue a career in stock exchange. What do i need to study for that? #stock-market #stocks-investing #stock-trading #bond #sharepoint

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Randall Mar 15, 2016 1211 views

I've always been told investing is risky. How do I lower financial risk while still investing in the stock market?

I want to start investing while I'm still in school, but I don't know how safe it is to do so. I know I can't eliminate risk entirely, but how can I better ensure success? I want to get some experience with investing so I can have that when I start trying to get a job someday. That's why I want...

darryl’s Avatar
darryl Mar 02, 2016 2198 views

Is stock market investing a good career path?

I have a passion for cooking but if finding a career in culinary is not working out I would like to make a living Investing in stocks. If this is a good career path what college classes, major, and internships should I be taking as a incoming freshman in college the fall of 2016 to be...

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Myles Oct 21, 2015 1104 views

What is the best marketing college in Texas?

I'm from Texas and I really don't want to.leave the state #stock-market

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Mekhi Dec 04, 2014 2923 views

What are some of the major topics covered during an average economics course in college?

I am asking this question because I have an interest in business/economics and wanted to know more about what was covered in a economics class. #money #money-management #bussiness #stock-market #macro-economics