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JWILLY H. Mar 18 69 views
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Jordin H. May 22, 2016 1051 views

As someone who one day wants to open up his own business, what are some general tips for creating a good business plan?

I want to create a clothing company from the ground up and could use some advice on setting up a good business plan before I begin building my company. #business #finance #marketing #entrepreneurship #sales...


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Gangadharan V. Apr 26, 2016 735 views

how to start a small business after school life ..which business can i prefer?

i like to earn money rather than continuing my studies #marketing #aircraft...


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Myles H. Sep 03, 2015 1583 views
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Julea P. Oct 01, 2014 4919 views

What can I do after school to practice marketing skills?

I am in high school and I want to build up my resume with marketing skills and experience. What did you do after school or on the weekends or vacations to get more marketing experience? If you help me come up with creative ideas for getting more experience I will be so thankful! #marketing...

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