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Career Questions tagged Drawing

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Nov 16 43 views

Which schools are best for art?

Which art schools are best for the East coast? I wanna become a tattoo artist after highschool.

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Nov 12 42 views

how to be a great artists?

im want to be a great artist but my skills are less then good but i hop that i will get there on day i also am reallly bad at math and other stuff so theres that

Cadence’s Avatar
Cadence Oct 17 66 views

Does anyone have tips for being a webtoonist? I mean, I know the Basics, anyway i could do it better?

Im going to begin posting in november, and I could use critiques.
thank you all.

Cadence’s Avatar
Cadence Oct 17 80 views

hi! do animators go far in their carreers? do they get paid good? what is the average salary?

Money isn't everything to me, but it is of mild importance. I want to be happy in my job, and i absolutely love to draw. I can't go a week without holding a pen, otherwise I can't think right. strange.

Bryson’s Avatar
Bryson Oct 10 90 views

How hard is it to get into residential architecture after college?

I know that most people after majoring in civil engineering or architecture tend to go into commerical architecture building targets and walmarts, but how hard would it relatively be in order to get into residential architecture and to find a job that would pay a lot?

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Oct 10 127 views

How can I become a successful artist?

how can I become a successful freelance artist starting at 14 years old and should I promote my art on social media

Han’s Avatar
Han Sep 12 344 views

When should i start building a portfolio?

I'm Han and I'm in 9th grade, I'm looking to pursue an art career.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Aug 13 129 views

how much does doing art commissions make a year and ho long does it take to get a commissioner?

like if i wanted to do art and fursuit commissions for people. how much would i make. also how long would it take for someone to commission me.

Anya’s Avatar
Anya Jul 16 215 views

How to draw hyperrealistic ?

I need tips to draw better.

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Jun 24 266 views

How do you become a tattoo artist?

I need ideas and need to be informed of what to prepare for

vivian’s Avatar
vivian Jun 06 212 views

What are some freelancing requirements or tips ?

What does it take to be a freelance artist/graphic designer? Does it require anything or do you just start? Is there also any strategy to marketing to an audience?

ina’s Avatar
ina May 15 133 views

What was your favorite and least favorite thing about fine arts?

I want all the details about the major.

Jennah’s Avatar
Jennah May 09 123 views

After all your training, what is it like to tattoo a client for the first time?

What do you do if you mess up? does the person specifically agree to be tattooed by a new artist?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Apr 20 197 views

How do you find inspirations/ideas?

I often feel like drawing but don't know what to draw

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 13 192 views

What types of drawing designs are recommended to learn?

Since I am still learning, I would like to focus on what type of drawing style I should learn before deciding on what career I would like to choose.

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Feb 24 180 views

What are some careers related to art/ drawing?

I love drawing and usually draw digitally, always wanted a job involving art

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Feb 02 317 views

Is being a manga artist hard?

Im in 8th grade and I really like drawing and anime so I wanna be a manga artist but I would like to know the hardships of being one.

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 30 299 views

What are some difficulties when it comes to making art?

I'm in 11th grade and I've been interested in working as an artist since 7th grade but want to know what difficulties I might face if I do become an artist. I do all kinds of art, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing.

Colson’s Avatar
Colson Nov 10, 2022 259 views

Which career path should I choose if I like music, engineering, and art equally?

I am equally interested in engineering, playing music, and drawing. Which one should I choose?

Carlina’s Avatar
Carlina Nov 09, 2022 404 views

What is the best direction if you want to become a 2D Animator?

I'm currently a senior in high school, aiming to become a 2D Animator, but I don't know the best way to achieve that goal efficiently in a way that works best for me. I still want to review basic drawing skills while also developing new animation skills so I can build a career out of what I...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Nov 03, 2022 319 views

Which is better for me a digital artist or an interior designer?

I like to draw a lot and I decided that it would be better for me if I were to take a career where I can paint or just draw. I understand that if I am an interior designer I won't be painting all the time, but I do find it enjoyable to make others happy; If I were to redesign their home or...

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Oct 11, 2022 241 views

What are the classes I should take in high school if I wanna do graphic design when I'm older?

Is there any good classes to take in high school if I want to be a graphic designer?

Gabe’s Avatar
Gabe Oct 10, 2022 269 views

What would be the best way to get into drawing art?

I don't know where to go in order to get better at art.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 02, 2022 307 views

What is the best entry point for digital illustration and mastering adobe?

I mainly draw and paint, but I have not learned how to draw digitally and I would love to.

Nadine’s Avatar
Nadine Jul 03, 2022 400 views

Is Graphic Design the career for me?

Next year I'm planning to get a certificate in Graphic Design. Problem is I'm not creative or artistic. I really love art. I'm thinking of teaching myself to draw ect. I struggle to think outside the box and scared I will fail next year. I wonder if studying further is necessary and should I...

Nin’s Avatar
Nin Jun 28, 2022 322 views

Portfolio Help

How do I develop a collection of my own art to showcase in a portfolio? I am trying to get into the drawing/painting program at my school, but I'm not sure what type of work to put into my portfolio.

Deniquwa’s Avatar
Deniquwa May 21, 2022 405 views

Any daily drawing tips or lessons?

Im trying to get back in to drawing. Is there any free Drawing lesson or programs I can learn from?

takiya’s Avatar
takiya May 13, 2022 380 views

if my strengths are braiding and doing nails and my hobbies are drawing and art ,what types of careers or industries might best fit me

I would love to start my own business

richard’s Avatar
richard May 09, 2022 317 views

I am a new artiest and I was wondering how I could get started in the field of art?

i have been basic drawings of cartoons. But I want to expand my horizon and learn how to get better drawings and end results out side of just practice.

Callel’s Avatar
Callel Mar 21, 2022 391 views

How do I get better at drawing bodies for my works of art?

what would be the best way to go about designing bodies for my art, would i need to study anatomy or would i just need basic skills to draw body designs?