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Career Questions tagged Fine Arts

Norah’s Avatar
Norah May 25, 2021 402 views

How competitive is the museum curator career field?

Is finding a job as a museum curator difficult because of the competitive career field? Is the job search difficult? Is the job search worth it?
#job-search #curator #museum #museums #art #fine-arts #art-history

Kenth’s Avatar
Kenth Jan 14, 2021 233 views

does pursuing digital art or to be specific creating webcomic can help me in my life? sorry if its a dumb question...


Celine’s Avatar
Celine Jan 17, 2018 605 views

I don't know what I want to be yet. Will I ever figure it out?

I've had this question burning in the back of my mind since I was in middle school. It seems like everyone around me has it figured out except for me. I know I have an interest in the medical field, but also in the arts and design. I thought I wanted to be a massage therapist until I realized I...

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jan 16, 2018 444 views

How long can it typically take to establish youself as an artist after college?

I want to do art for a living, but I know I need to establish myself if I want to be successful. #fine-arts #success #life-after-college #jobs #fine-art-photography #photography

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 16, 2018 543 views

What do you wish you had known before starting a non-profit?

I've been accepted into a graduate program where I will learn how to start a non-profit arts company. I would love some advice from people who have started their non-profit, whether it's in the arts or another field. #nonprofits #performing-arts #fine-arts #art

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 13, 2017 769 views

Getting a BFA v. BA in Musical Theatre?

I am applying to both types of programs for college and was wondering what people like and don't like about each program.
#musical-theatre #BFA #BA #fine-art #fine-arts #arts #art #degrees #theatre #college

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 18, 2016 919 views

I am majoring in art but i haven't narrowed it down from there yet. What major in art would be the best career wise?

I like all kind of art and I am not sure if I want to major in design, or graphic art or visual art. There are so many different branches in the art field. I am not sure which would be best. #art #fine-art #fine-arts

Sa'Quan’s Avatar
Sa'Quan May 06, 2016 741 views

why is college so important do you really need it to succeed in everyday life?

curious reasons #fine-arts