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does pursuing digital art or to be specific creating webcomic can help me in my life? sorry if its a dumb question...

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2 answers

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Leslie’s Answer

While I cannot speak towards art-industry careers, I think the mental-health aspect is very important. If creating art (any form, webcomics or otherwise) is something that you enjoy, that is reason enough to pursue it.

Even if you decide on a different career path, having separate interests or hobbies outside of your work life will provide you help you maintain work-life balance, give you the opportunity to meet diverse sets of people, and learn new experiences. You never know when your experiences will come in handy!

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Nkwentie’s Answer

Yes it can help you very much.
Do you know how the Hollywood actors and editors Begin?
In your art work as a film editor it is going to help you very much.

Editors make millions of Dollars daily. When following your career always try to do practical voluntary service and internships to perfect your skills.
One of that firm were you have been working there can take you permanently after your work.