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Career Questions tagged Theatre

charlene’s Avatar
charlene Mar 17 14 views

what does a make up artist, theatrical performance do and how do they do it ?

1. What required education do I need to have a job here?

2. What's the wage and salaries earning?

3. Is there any benefits that would be provided?

I want to know this information because theater is my passion.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 06 186 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Jan 29 99 views

Scholarships for music education?

What scholarships are available for musical theatre majors. #music #musicaltheatre #singing #scholarship #help #collegebound #communitycollege

Max’s Avatar
Max Nov 09, 2022 176 views

What are the best majors for pursuing theatre?

Considering musical theatre or performance.

Hattie’s Avatar
Hattie Nov 02, 2022 146 views

Is having a degree an advantage?

Is having a college degree in acting/theater/film an advantage to an aspiring film or stage actor?

Arey’s Avatar
Arey Oct 04, 2022 171 views

Where should I start acting?

Where is a good place to start when beginning an Acting career?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 03, 2022 134 views

What is necessary for Theatre Acting?

What skills are necessary for Theatre Acting and what is some advice for those who Stutter often when trying to say lines?

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Jul 21, 2022 177 views

What do I need to be a famous designer

What do I need to become a famous designer and actor for different shows and I what do I need to have my first fashion show at a young age such as mine what motivation do I need

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Jun 07, 2022 343 views

I want to get a bfa - how hard is it to get into a program?

I’m 14 and want to pursue acting as a career, particularly Shakespeare. My plan right now is to do 5-7 plays a year during high school, do the ESU Shakes comp, create Shakes clubs where I can start getting directing experience, continue with my outside of school acting coach, singing as well,...

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 07, 2021 270 views

how can we become a actor/ actress

#actor #acting #actors #theatre

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Nov 02, 2021 206 views

How can you be a good actress?

#acting #actor #theatre

Marlyon’s Avatar
Marlyon Jul 24, 2021 489 views

How should I go about auditioning?

I think acting would be really cool, and I tried to audition one time, but chickened out at the last minute because I was nervous. #acting #theatre #actors #actor

Mani’s Avatar
Mani Jun 10, 2021 287 views

How do I create a theater company?

I'm a writer, percussionist, and performer. I have some experience in direction, stage management, and set design/construction. I'm interested in creating a theater company, and I would love to know where to start. How many people would something like that require? Thanks! #theatre #theater...

samiya’s Avatar
samiya Jun 07, 2021 377 views

What do i need to become an actress?

I am a 10th student from New York, I know that the city id filled with many careers but i find it hard to get networking. #actor #actress #acting #theatre #film-acting #model

Elbe’s Avatar
Elbe Apr 15, 2021 434 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. #teacher #educators #theatre #students #veterinary-technician

Daquise’s Avatar
Daquise Feb 22, 2021 404 views

As someone who does all forms of performing, does it have to be a specific career for you to go into?

#career #Dance #Performer #Theater #Theatre #Arts #Performance

Asher’s Avatar
Asher Jan 12, 2021 389 views

What does it take to be an Actor?

I am an aspiring actor, and I want to know what it takes to be the best actor I can be. #acting #theatre #actor

Echo’s Avatar
Echo Jan 11, 2021 469 views

Should I do theater or something more stable?

I am a Freshmen and I am starting to think about what I want to major in. I love to do musical theater and want to major in it, but I know that it is very competitive, so I am worried that I am not talented enough. Also, it's not the most stable career path, so should I do something more...

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Oct 23, 2020 388 views

What is the basic necessities for a actor?

#actor #theater #theatre #acting #film-acting

samya’s Avatar
samya Jul 21, 2020 560 views

Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

i want to be an actor since my childhood but don't have the links to get into bollywood and getting into bollywood is not easy until you hold some can i become an IS officer or Ciminal defence lawyer and then become an actor on the basis of my links in it possible ?im...

HX’s Avatar
HX May 14, 2020 816 views

I want to become an actress and a barrister, but don't quite know how to pursue both careers at the same time and what to do to succeed in both fields.

I live in the UK and am aspiring to be an actress, which has been a dream of mine since i was younger all while becoming a barrister (which has been my parents' dream that i want to fulfil for them) Im currently 15, turning 16 and really don't know what to do. I've taken up many school...

Lucia’s Avatar
Lucia Apr 28, 2020 606 views

What are good musical theatre schools in New York?

I want to be an actor on broadway, I love to sing and act #actor #theatre #acting #college

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Mar 22, 2020 489 views

How do I go about becoming an actor

I like to act and be surrounded by people. I just like the way it feels to be on stage and becoming someone else. I've always liked the arts. I draw, and paint while listening to songs from musicals.
#actor #acting #theatre #arts

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Dec 12, 2019 469 views

What is the average salary of an actor?

#theatre #acting #actor

samuel’s Avatar
samuel Nov 22, 2019 434 views

if I were to go into to the acting field how would I start.

#acting #theater #theatre #art

Brigitte’s Avatar
Brigitte Oct 06, 2019 691 views

Is it difficult being a professional actor/actress in this day-and-age?

I am a high school senior and am hoping to become a professional (paid) actress after I graduate college. I am planning on attending the University of North Dakota and majoring in Theatre Arts. But, will all that prepare me for 'the outside world'? How can it be done? #performing-arts #theatre...

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Aug 14, 2019 562 views

How do I become an actor at the age of 15?

I have been wanting to act for a while now and I've only took one year of theater and I'm about to take my second year, I'm a 15 yo male, 5'10 #actor #acting #actors #theatre #theater #film-acting

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 30, 2019 473 views

I want to major into communications but I still want to minor in theatre. Will this benefit my future plans at all?

#theatre #major #college

K’s Avatar
K Jan 09, 2019 476 views

Would taking a theater course help with voice acting?

#acting #art #theatre #theater #voiceactor #voice-actor
I have no experience with acting or voice acting in general. Would it be helpful to take an acting course?

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Nov 15, 2018 510 views

What schooling did you take that helped with your career?

I am hoping to be an actor, and I would like to know what you did in school (Of any level) that you had that helps you when acting. # #acting # #theatre #Performing-Arts