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Career Questions tagged Live Theatre

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Jan 16, 2018 481 views

What’s the peice of advice you have that no one shared with you?

Do you ever feel like everyone who has become successful has some secret about their story... #story #film #theatre #live-theatre #success #design

Dublin’s Avatar
Dublin Aug 18, 2016 1113 views

How can I improve my acting?

I am attending High School, and am involved in all the school productions, but I feel like I need to find other ways to improve my acting, and to achieve better physical, and vocal control. What are some good ways to improve in those areas, and how can I find more ways to improve? #acting...

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Aug 13, 2016 727 views

What is the best public university in California for Musical Theatre?

I am applying to colleges to pursue a degree in Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre. #experience #music #musical-theatre #theatre #live-theatre

Gill’s Avatar
Gill May 27, 2016 842 views

Best financially friendly Theatre Performance schools?

I'm curious because I have to pay for college on my own. I need to be able to manage it financially, but I am willing to take on some debt for solid training! #acting #musical-theatre #live-theatre

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 26, 2016 801 views

How can I get noticed by a talent agency for musical theatre?

A ton of my friends are represented by Nani-Saperstein Talent Management and I just want to know the best way to go about getting any talent management attention. Should I be the pain until the squeaky wheel gets the oil or wait for recognition in a professional manner? #acting #musical-theatre...

Jill’s Avatar
Jill May 21, 2016 1670 views

Can someone realistically pursue acting while having a part-time job?

I want to be able to pursue my dreams in musical theatre while also having a stable job that interests me, like teaching piano or owning a small online business. #acting #theatre #theater #actors #musical-theatre #small-business #tutoring #live-theatre

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 10, 2016 909 views

Can I make a living as an actor?

It is my dream career to be on the stage performing. #musical-theatre #live-theatre