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Career Questions tagged Voice Acting

J’s Avatar
J Oct 04 95 views

voice actor

would I need to go to college to be a voice actor?

Holton’s Avatar
Holton Aug 17 107 views

How can I get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting?

What is a good way to get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting? Any tips regarding that field would be great.

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Jan 18, 2018 601 views

Is it possible to be behind the camera and in front as well?

I love acting, but I also have a big interest in filmmaking. What I'm wondering is if I pursue filmmaking, will that ever put me in a position to act? Or is it just one or the other? I know both are a hard place to get into, and I wouldn't mind some advice for that as well. #acting...

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Aug 31, 2017 536 views

Is it silly to want to be a professional actress?

Something that I have always wanted to do was perform; from ballet to cheerleading and various kinds of acting, even putting up vlogs on YouTube, it has always been something in the back of my mind despite being shy and due to extenuating circumstances could never really be a part of. On the...

Dublin’s Avatar
Dublin Aug 18, 2016 1096 views

How can I improve my acting?

I am attending High School, and am involved in all the school productions, but I feel like I need to find other ways to improve my acting, and to achieve better physical, and vocal control. What are some good ways to improve in those areas, and how can I find more ways to improve? #acting...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 21, 2016 2407 views

Do I need to go to a performing arts school to become an actor?

Is it really necessary to get an education in acting to become an actor? Will I learn anything I don't already know/can find on the internet? #acting #actor #film-acting #performing-arts #voice-acting

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 26, 2016 1133 views

How's the job outlook for voice acting?

Is it easy to get a job as a voice actor? #voice-acting #voice-over

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 26, 2016 683 views

Suggested steps for voice acting as a career?

How should I proceed with starting up a career in voice acting? #acting #video-games #voice-acting #voice-over #voiceover

Peace’s Avatar
Peace May 18, 2016 793 views

What obstacles or mountains must an actor/actress overcome to be assigned major film roles?

I want to major in theater to improve my skills and work my way up in the film industry after college. #management #entertainment-industry #personal-development #acting #voice-acting #film

Kiera’s Avatar
Kiera Mar 01, 2016 902 views

What are the first steps to becoming a voice actress?

Hi, my name is Kiera and I am a high school senior. I have taken an interest of wanting to become a voice actress, so I was wondering how should I start in order to reach my goal I should take. #acting #voice-acting #voice-over

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jun 05, 2015 1106 views

How do I go about auditioning and/or finding a talent agency (if possible)?

I am a freshman in high school and for a long time I have been interested in acting. I really enjoy the feeling of being someone I'm not, and I think it would be fun to do this professionally as a film, voice, of TV actress. The only problem I have is how to get started. Can you give me some...