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Career Questions tagged Medical School

Medical school is where doctors receive their education. Popular medical doctor careers include a pediatrician, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Please read below to find out more.

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Awais A. May 08 81 views

What do i need to get in dental field

am looking into getting in medical career any advice on what to take and what college more specifically my goal is to get in dental field

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Niha S. May 05 50 views

I am currently doing BSc in Business Management and Information Systems. What are the possibilities of doing MD after? Read below.

I am doing Coursera courses and specializations. I am gaining as much knowledge as I can. I am planning on doing GRE chemistry and GRE psychology (as I want to go into psychiatry). I know it’s very hard but I am doing whatever I can. Any recommendations or anything at all (what do you think?)...

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Carlos G. May 02 95 views
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R J. Apr 06 129 views

How important are extra-curricular activities and like student clubs, volunteering etc to getting into med school? I'm a bit worried because in my first year of university I just focused on school and didn't join any clubs yet.

Yeah like the title says, I feel a bit behind the curve because although I have a good GPA from my first year, my resume and professional life are kind of lacking in regards to some of my peers. I do plan on volunteering and trying to get coop jobs this summer and of course later on in...

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Jason F. Apr 03 80 views
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Anita S. Mar 25 161 views
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Anita S. Mar 25 109 views

What should I look for in a Medical School?

Just a sophomore (High School) wondering about the Medical School process- specifically whether or not there are some specifics I should look out for.

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Anita S. Mar 25 145 views

Does the college I go to affect my chances of getting into Medical School?

I'm currently a sophomore, but post-high school, I plan on attending a college in the New England Region. Afterward, I aspire to attend Medical School and become a certified Pediatrician :)

Balveer S.’s Avatar
Balveer S. Dec 10, 2021 264 views

What is needed to become a Orthopedic Surgeon

So Im a 11th grade student, im in a medical program at school which gets me more help and more experience on what gets me to a position on where I need to be. #medical-school #medicine #healthcare #doctor

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iyanna L. Nov 08, 2021 153 views

What are some challenges in the becoming a doctor?

Did you ever think about giving up?
why? or why not?
Was the career choice worth it? #medical #medicine #medicine #medical-school

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Naturel S. Oct 07, 2021 249 views

Is the road to becoming a OB/GYN hard?

I want to go to an HBCU and my major will be biology. I am very invested and interested in becoming and OB/GYN. I love helping younger people as well as people in general and telling people information about their health/ #doctor #medicine #healthcare #science #biology #health #medical-school

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Allison G. Sep 17, 2021 134 views

Would a minor benefit me if I'm trying to get into Med school?

I want to be a forensic psychiatrist and have to go to medical school for it. I plan on majoring in either biology or biochemistry for my four-year degree. I don't know if a minor would help me find a career if medical school ends up not being available for me. #medical-school #biology

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Aliya L. Jul 05, 2021 215 views

How do I get a head start on entering the medical field while in high school?

Hi, I am Aliya I’m currently interested in exploring careers in the medical field. #healthcare #medical #medical-school Right now I am set on going to college after high school and my gap year and becoming a PA.

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ja B. Jul 01, 2021 269 views

is going into the medical field worth it?

I think I want to be an X-ray tech.. #doctor #medical-school

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pea M. Jun 26, 2021 290 views

How do I prepare for MCAT as a business student?

I graduated from university with a business degree and now want to become a doctor. I'm not sure where to start as I've not taken 'science' courses in college only in high school, would 1 year be enough to prepare for MCAT realistically? #healthcare #premed #medical #medical-school #medicine...

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jaslin R. Jun 26, 2021 181 views

How long should I go to school for.

I just graduated a year earlier. than I was supposed to. I know for a fact I want a career in the medical field, but don't know hold long I want to go to school for. I am debating on getting my masters and becoming a PA or going the pull 12 years to become a doctor. #medical-school #college...

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Kadi K. Jun 24, 2021 205 views

What should I do in high school to eventually become a medical professional (specifically a dermatologist)?

I am 16 and will enter 11th grade in the fall. I recently discovered my dream to become a dermatologist and I understand this is an extremely coveted position. Are there any programs or extracurriculars that would demonstrate my dedication to this particular position as a high school #medicine...