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Career Questions tagged Medical School

Medical school is where doctors receive their education. Popular medical doctor careers include a pediatrician, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Please read below to find out more.

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Hailey Mar 09 49 views

nursing questions?

how long does it take to become a nurse? what is the best school to become a nurse? when can i start to study for nursing? why is a nurse a good job? how much money do nurses make on hourly in pheonix?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 08 91 views

What GPA do I need in undergrad to be considered for medical school?

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korynn Mar 07 75 views

how long would it take for me to become a combat medic?

i wanna be a pre medic for the airforce

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Ella Mar 06 97 views

Is medical school very vigorous learning?

I've been thinking about going into medical school to become a doctor, and I was wondering just how tough the classes will be. How much homework do you usually get as a medical student? How many classes should I take daily? I am currently a Sophomore in high school, so I still have time to...

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Mar 05 71 views

What are the main differences between an MD and a DO?

Hi, I am currently a junior in high school. I don't usually see people talking about DOs.
I just came to know that DOs focus more on holistic care than MDs. I am also exploring BS/MD and BS/DO programs, so I would like to know the real differences between them.

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Kayla Mar 04 84 views

Is it possible to peruse two majors?

I’ve always wanted to go to school for medical assisting but also have always wanted to go for cosmetology. I’ve always found interest in medical especially like front and back office, as well as in hair, nails and makeup.

Johnathan’s Avatar
Johnathan Mar 03 83 views

How much school is required to become a PCP (Primary Care Provider)?

I am interested in the medical field but I am a little pushed away by the amount of schooling.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Feb 22 232 views

What jobs should I choose to explore careers that interest me?

I'm a senior student in SF and I'm interested in dentistry, neurosurgeon, cardiac surgeon and business, but I haven't choose what I really want yet.

Coby’s Avatar
Coby Feb 16 132 views

How can I become the best doctor I can?

I have always liked medicine and science. I plan on going to medical school and then attend in nurses apprentice to get experience in the medical field.

kylie’s Avatar
kylie Feb 16 103 views

What do you plan on doing after high school?

I want to go into some type of nursing. I would have to go through college and medical school. It would be a lot of work and studying in order to be successful.

rozlynn’s Avatar
rozlynn Feb 09 120 views

What classes will help me with understanding things with nursing?

How can I prepare myself for nursing school? what classes should I take?

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Mitansh Feb 08 119 views

How is technology integrated with surgery and the medical field.

What are the steps to become a surgeon and how is technology involved in it?

Lee’s Avatar
Lee Feb 03 234 views

Do pharmacist use alot of math

What counseling degree is best for a Pharmacist ?

Jaelyn’s Avatar
Jaelyn Feb 02 180 views

How hard was it to get to medical school?

Are there possibilities of getting into medical school from a lower-class home and decent grades but not perfect?

Whitney’s Avatar
Whitney Jan 31 155 views

How long will it take to become a vet tech, and how much do they make a year?

How to become a vet tech?

Glenn’s Avatar
Glenn Jan 26 110 views

Starting Anesthesiology

what do i need to do in highschool to be an Anesthesiologist

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 24 130 views

What are some post-bachelor's programs for those who need to improve their chances for admission to post-graduate programs?

What can people do after graduating that will improve their chances of getting into med school, law school, or Master's/Ph.D. programs?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 24 97 views

How do I best prepare for the MCAT?

What are some free or low-cost study materials? When to take it? Should I retake it?

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Madison Jan 21 153 views

What is it like being a nurse practitioner or a doctor?

I'm in tenth grade and I'm considering medical school. I'm really interested in medicine, chemistry, and math, and I was wondering what it's like to be a doctor or nurse.

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Jan 11 184 views

what is the medical environment like?

Like is it a nice environment, is it always stressful, are there slow days or is it always a rushed stressful one. How many patients do you get a day or does it very, And is the work overall hard/stressful?.

Li’s Avatar
Li Dec 24, 2022 270 views

fresh graduate, need help to go for next step

I just graduated with my biomedical science degree (BS) ( I was thinking to going for medical school, or PA school, or AA school , or vet med school ). My situation has changed, I want to do WFH jobs. I haven't found much jobs I could do, I been applying for clinical research associate...

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 270 views

How much does the training/education cost for med school?

What does the cost look like

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 181 views

Med school questions?

What are some essential classes that helped you prepare for your career?

How long did your training/schooling take?

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 155 views

Medical career questions

What made you do this this Career?

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Nana Dec 09, 2022 180 views


I just wanted to ask: ---how much does it usually cost to go to college straight through winter, holidays/vacations (if possible)? ----next year I will be in senior year, so when done with high school will I be able to take some college classes before college...

Eve’s Avatar
Eve Dec 08, 2022 168 views

Social life of medical students

How do I balance my stay in medical school with being in a relationship without affecting my academic work?
Thank you

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Nov 22, 2022 196 views

Which careers can I go to, if I decide not to go to medical school, with a biomedical science major?

Currently, I am in high school. I just wanted to explore my options in undergraduate.

Kasey’s Avatar
Kasey Nov 19, 2022 255 views

What are the small steps along with the big steps someone who desires to become a medical doctor take?

I’m a 12th grade student who maintains a high GPA and works at a local hospital wanting to becoming a medical doctor.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 13, 2022 289 views

What can I do to gain more experiences as a premed student who lacks extracurriculars

What can I do to gain more experiences as a premed student who lacks extracurriculars

Sarah Kathryn’s Avatar
Sarah Kathryn Nov 10, 2022 142 views

Medical field

What does a day of being a person in the medical field look like, and what kind of things do they do?