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Career Questions tagged Ems

ashley’s Avatar
ashley May 10, 2022 253 views

what classes in college should i take to become a EMS

i just want to know what classes i need to take to be a EMS

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Theo Jan 05, 2022 312 views

Who in a Fire Station should I contact about job-shadowing opportunities?

Hello, I'm 14 years old and will be job shadowing soon. I want to do it with EMS, specifically an medical first responder. I figured since I will likely not be able to do it with EMTs that use ambulances as I don't know how old I would have to be for a ride along, I would go for firefighters...

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Jan 04, 2022 236 views

Any programs/shadowing opportunities for a Minor in Harris County, TX?

Fire, Rescue, EMS, Parks, Conservation, Law enforcement.

#Fire #EMS #TPWD # #police #police-officer #conservation #wildlife

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Austin Jan 03, 2022 376 views

Junior Firefighter Programs

What can I do to get myself into one? What should I expect? Requirements? Fees?

#EMS #Firefighter #Firefighting #Firefighters #Youth #career