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Price B. Jul 17, 2020 131 views

How do I become a PT tech/aide? I know the experience hours would be extremely beneficial to my overall knowledge and PT school application.

I'm in the middle of my undergraduate Exercise Physiology degree and getting ready to apply to PT school in about 2 years. #physicaltherapy #graduateschool #application #tech #aide #experience #volunteer #shadowing...


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Andrew C. May 02, 2018 352 views

How was your experience attending mission humanitaire program in Benin?

Me and my friends are planning to go on a mission humanitaire ( program in Benin. If anyone has any experience with such mission humanitaire program. Please share your experience. #missionhumanitaire #missionhumanitaireafrique #voyagehumanitaire...

#volunteering #volunteer #nonprofit #humanitarian

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Cheyenne W. Apr 21, 2018 300 views

What are other ways to get experience in nursing for a H.S. student other than volunteering at a hospital?

I am a high school junior interested in the nursing career and I want the most interesting application when applying to colleges. #volunteer #nurse #nursing #hospital-and-healthcare...


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John G. May 25, 2018 482 views

Should I focus on academics or extracurricular activities?

I will start a one year graduate program this fall. I am also active as a volunteer and leader in several organizations that match my interests and later career goals. If my academic responsibilities and my responsibilities due to my positions in these organizations conflict, can it make sense...

#college #extracurriculars #volunteer #studying #jobs #grades

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Emma P. May 20, 2018 333 views

Is it possible to live comfortably while working in the volunteer industry?

I hope to serve others and volunteer as a career path. While I feel serving others is my calling, I don't exactly want to live in poverty. So, is it possible to live comfortably while also being able to serve others? In addition, is a career like that able to be balanced with a typical social...

#social-work #nonprofit #volunteer #career #money

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Julisa C. Mar 20, 2018 330 views

What are volunteering opportunities that I can apply to if I am under 16 for the time being?

So right now, I am involved in three programs that I recieve good hours in, but I want to do more hours, as well as having a variety of experience in other fields. #volunteering #nonprofits...


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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 428 views

Would it look bad on a resume to have a gap in internships?

Would it look bad on a resume if I didn't do an internship one year, but instead did summer classes, or volunteered? #volunteer #resume...


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Elena L. Jan 16, 2018 268 views
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Martha S. Jan 12, 2018 338 views

Anyone have ideas as to where a second year college student may volunteer?

I'm a college student interested in child psychology currently looking for any kind of volunteer experience possibly a job to start building my skills and resume. Thx! #volunteer #job-search...


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Risa M. May 19, 2016 613 views

How do I best prepare myself to not only be an effective, professional, and successful worker but leader?

I'm currently unsure of what exactly I want to do in the future, but I have a heart for at-risk, underrepresented, vulnerable populations, preferably somewhere out of the country. This, however, is a rather broad umbrella topic and I hope to find that career for me through various opportunities...

#service #leader #volunteering #veterans #outdoor #volunteer #undecided #homeless

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Stephanie W. Feb 09, 2017 467 views

How important is volunteer experience in a healthcare setting in preparation to becoming a nurse?

I have not yet volunteered at any hospitals or nursing homes but know that it's important to get volunteer experience. #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #volunteer #hospitals...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 633 views

Can I use old volunteer experience on scholarship applications?

I have quite a bit of volunteer experience, but all of it is from over 3 years ago. Can I still use that experience to apply for scholarships or is it too old to be relevant? #scholarships #volunteering #scholarship...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 513 views

Should I still apply for a scholarship/bursary if I don't fit all the requirements?

My school offers many scholarships and bursaries to students with volunteer experience, however I haven't volunteered in 3 years. If I fit all the other requirements, should I still apply? #scholarships #volunteering #scholarship #volunteer...


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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 1939 views

What is the best way to approach a veterinarian regarding job-shadowing?

Most veterinarian practices that I have run into or researched do not have a student program which allows for internships or volunteering--they are simply medical practices. However, shadowing a vet can give great insight into deciding if the vet-path is a good career path for a student and...

#work-shadowing #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #volunteering #internships #volunteer #shadowing #veterinary

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Hamid W. Aug 30, 2016 739 views

What opportunities are there to volunteer in central New Jersey?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking for places to volunteer and help out. #volunteering #volunteer...


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Wenge X. Jul 31, 2016 651 views

Should people attend volunteer activities which are not relevant to their subject?

I used to consider to volunteer to educate people who live in a poor village in Western China. But this may not relevant with my future career. #education #volunteering...


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Shakuan F. Jul 02, 2016 605 views

How can I prepare for next summer?

Since I didn't do anything this summer, I was wondering how I can start to prepare for next summer. I want to do something interesting, such as intern, volunteer, study abroad, etc, but I don't know where to start. Thanks! #internships #volunteering #internship #study-abroad...


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Raghu R. Jun 17, 2016 499 views
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Calvin K. Jun 04, 2016 828 views

Should I be worried that I don't have enough volunteer experience?

I've been wanting to volunteer more but I just do not have the time and energy due to full-time studies and work. Should I be concerned that future employment opportunities will be negatively affected by my lack of volunteer experience? #career #volunteering #employment...


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Anna C. Jun 02, 2016 828 views

Do employers look at the volunteer work people do?

Its hard for teenagers to get a job but its easier finding volunteer work #volunteering...


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Amanda T. May 25, 2016 853 views

What are the best ways to get involved and prepared the summer before college begins?

I am going to be a freshman in college this fall, but I want to make my summer productive and meaningful so that I will start off the months before college strong. Are there any volunteer opportunities or fun ways to spend the summer months that you recommend? #college #job #volunteering...

#summer #volunteer

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Cristian G. May 24, 2016 836 views

Does having more volunteer work on your resume look better than having regular job experience?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and because my major makes it hard for me to have a job, i only have time to do volunteer work. i want to know if that can help me in being considered for a job. #college #engineering #engineer #interviews #volunteering #volunteer...


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Brenna W. May 22, 2016 386 views

How should someone pursuing a career in the health field receive clinical experience?

What are some good ways to obtain clinical experience to prepare for a career in health professions or in preparation of applying to post graduate schools? #health #pre-med #research #volunteering...


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Sebastien A. May 18, 2016 499 views

Is voluntary services in a specific work setting considered as experience to other job hiring officials?

I want a business management minor, but my focus is culinary arts. If I volunteer at a local restaurant, would that time spent be considered as experience in the field to others? #business #volunteering #culinary-arts...


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mahir R. May 17, 2016 700 views

What does it really take to know what kind of career you want to pursue?

There are lots of careers open out in the wild and many of mine are mostly the influence of and by my parents or relatives. Though right now that is indeed(doctor) what i am heading into, i sometimes wonder if i really do want to be, or do i really like doing this and such. #career #science...

#volunteering #biology #volunteer #psychology

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Elizabeth D. May 13, 2016 535 views

How do you volunteer to work in a hospital?

I am a high school student that is interested in the medical field. #volunteering #hospital...


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Nadia P. May 13, 2016 648 views

How can I become more involved in volunteer work while balancing school work and a job?

Hi there, I want to become a volunteer at my local blood bank or hospital. I need experience for my medical school applications and I am very passionate about the work done in these professions. But, with school going on until late June and a full time summer job, adding another commitment...

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Maggie C. May 12, 2016 939 views

What is the difference in having volunteer work or paid job experience - besides the factor of money - in applying for a non-temporary job/career-related job?

I am debating whether to volunteer frequently, which would be easier to do over the summer before I go off to school, or to apply for jobs in my area, which I will have to quit before I leave. #career #resume #volunteering #college-jobs #employment #volunteer...


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Calvin K. May 11, 2016 1449 views

How valuable is volunteer experience for job applications?

I've heard volunteer experience is a valuable thing to have when applying for jobs, so is it especially recommended/desired? I have no time to dedicate to volunteering due to a job and full-time school, so I'm a little concerned this might impact my future job searches and applications. How...

#volunteering #volunteer #job-searching #jobs #career #job-search

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Vivian L. May 07, 2016 593 views

Volunteering Ideas?

I want to become a nurse and in order to do so I plan to do volunteer work related to medical care but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions? #nursing #medicine #nurse #volunteering...