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Ashley C. May 22, 2018

What is the best part about becoming a relief worker?

What is the most noticeable change that takes place when you are there? #helping-others #registered-nurse #nonprofit #nurse...


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Lilly C. Jul 23, 2018
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Trinity P. Jul 05, 2018
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Julia H. May 04, 2018

How do people get accepted into residencies after medical school?

I plan to try to get into medical school eventually, but I know afterwards there will still be a lot of options into what kind of doctor I could be. I've talked to counselors about getting into medical school and I know it won't be easy, but what about after I'm done? Where do I go from...

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Samuel C. Jan 16, 2018

How can do accomplish the most with my degree?

I am currently majoring in Psychology and I was wondering what steps would be best in order to get the most of my degree, in the sense of helping others. #psychology...


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Azucena P. Mar 21, 2018

If my strengths are getting to know others and being respectful and my hobbies are playing trumpet and helping others, what career best fit me?

I am asking because I thought i had my life together but there is just alot of careers out there and i'm having a really hard time deciding. #helping-others #helping-people #respect...


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Samuel A. Jan 17, 2018

What career pathway is most effective in changing lives?

I have decided a long time ago that I would make the most of the time I am given on this Earth. My desire is to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. I want to be a key instrument in the improvement of society. The occupations I am considering include options such as doctor,...

#lasting-impact #meaningfulwork #career-choice #helping-others

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Karlyn L. Jan 03, 2018

What is a good paying job?

I just want a good paying job to give to the homeless, some charities, and some money to provide food, places to sleep, and fun activities for my family. #helping-others...


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Jada S. Aug 31, 2017

What's challenging about being a Pediatrician?

I've always wanted to be a Pediatrician because I love children and I take interest with math and science, however, people always tell me that its not easy going into medical school. Everyone says that they'll most likely try to intimidate us the first day, but I know that this is something...

#medicine #pediatrics #helping-others

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Talyn H. Sep 01, 2017

How does pharmaceutical scientist improve medical treatments for the future ?

I am asking because I plan on studying pharmacy in college. #future-careers #helping-others...


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Darius A. Sep 01, 2017

Is being a pyschologist a good job for the future?

The reason I ask is because this is the field that I want to go into when I get older, and I know people to like to share their feelings, so I want to know if its a good career to go into. #psychology...


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Ana T. Jan 04, 2017

what can I major in if I want to work for a non-profit

I am interested in working for an organization, something like Rapha Hous which deals with the rehabilitation of young girls that have been trafficked, or Playing for Change which teaches music to children in different parts of the world; mostly dealing with underdeveloped or developing...

#college-majors #career-path #social-services #helping-others #working-abroad

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Luz M. Oct 27, 2016

When you deside to be an engineer, where would be the best option to study abroad?

I want to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my goal is to use my degree to better help someone other than the United States. I know many colleges offer a study abroad program and require it many times for engineers. Where would be the best place where I can use my mechanical...

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Gloria S. Oct 15, 2016

What should I keep in mind as I start visiting universities?

I have to start visiting information sessions about colleges, like attending an information session about Dartmouth College in an upcoming week. Since this is my first ever information session, what should I keep in mind as I am about to attend one? I want to know how it would more or less go...

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Yingmei L. Jun 22, 2016

What job can I do when I am older that involve work in the office and confort the hurt people?

I would like to work in a big company to be a leader. Because I saw many leaders work in a tall building in the TV during I grew up. Even though they just an office clerk at the first time, through their own efforts, accumulate their work experience gradually, they have a broader field of...

#human-resources #helping-others

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Rita O. Jun 17, 2016

As a junior in high school how can I choose a career involved with helping people such as healthcare(a doctor) without limiting my possible career options?

I have a passion for helping and advising people and seeing them get better, I'm strongly about attracted to healthcare but science and math are my weakest subjects which a good doctor would need to be strong in. I'm more interested in the patient care send administration aspects of healthcare....

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Ichelle J. May 27, 2016

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in financial advisors. Why do you think that is?

As a high school junior, I spend a lot of my time planning my goals and how to achieve them. I researched my career and realized that there has been in an increase in demand for such prestigious people. I thought of why that was. #business #finance #banking #helping-others...


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Juan R. May 26, 2016

i love helping people I want to keep kids out of trouble what should i study?

I heard that social work is something that i would like but i am not sure...


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Tania L. May 16, 2016

How do i pursue a future in the Peace Corps? What career or major should i look into? What does a future look like after the Peace corps?

I love helping people and i would love to be stationed somewhere aiding those who truly need it. Ill be truly fulfilled if i could spend my entire life observing humans from distinct areas and giving back to those who need help or guidance. I'd love to know how i can do this successfully and...

#human-resources #helping-others #social-change #humanities #peace-corps #social-sciences

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Sinai V. May 13, 2016

I am debating on whether to study teaching or psychology. I know that if I put my mind to it I can do which ever one, but how can I come to a conclusion on which major to focus on when I love helping others?

I am a senior in high school and I have always loved helping and putting others before me. With having to help out in the house as well as my siblings, helping is second nature to me and it is something that I excell at. I really want to have a profession in which I could help others with...

#counselling #therapists #women #adults #teacher #helping-others

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Dariyelle S. May 12, 2016

What is the difference between an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy assistant?

I was told that occupational therapist come up with the plan for the patient while the assistant actually carries out the procedure. Is this true? I really want a hands on career with helping people with disabilities. #doctor #health #doctorate-degree #physical-therapy #occupational-therapy...


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Ariella R. Mar 02, 2016

Gender and Women Studies major career options?

I'm a senior and I have been recently accepted to Wesleyan University. I'm really interested in learning about women and gender's studies, race and identity, and traveling to different countries to learn about new cultures. Recently, I traveled to Turkey , which started my love for traveling...

#race #career-path #gender-studies #cultures #helping-others