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Career Questions tagged Climate Change

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 02 969 views

Any Advice On This Type Of Work?

Since I am a person who wishes to help people that are affected by natural disasters, what are some good places/resources to check out to gain experience in that field?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah May 05 224 views

Why dont we use more renewable energy?

Why is it that we do not use more renewable energy resources for our environment?

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Apr 28 196 views

Can climate change affect the lifestyle if you don't' prepare for it?

Can climate change affect the lifestyle if you don't' prepare for it?

takiya’s Avatar
takiya Apr 28 206 views

What are the main concerns of climatology?

What are the main concerns of climatology

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 16, 2016 958 views

What can I do with an environmental science degree?

I am so passionate about the environment, and believe climate change is the most important issue. But after studying the environment, how can I turn that into a job? #science #biology #job-search #environment #climate-change

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 23, 2015 2803 views

I am interested in Global Climate change. What career can revolve around trying to find ways to tackle this issue?

I find global warming so interesting. I would like to find ways to find ways to give clean water to third world countries and I'm interested in food hunger and how to prevent it. I think that using cattle as one of our main food sources is so ineffective. I want a job where I can go visit these...