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What can I do with an environmental science degree?

I am so passionate about the environment, and believe climate change is the most important issue. But after studying the environment, how can I turn that into a job? #science #biology #job-search #environment #climate-change

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4 answers

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Kim’s Answer


I don't know the particulars about the Environmental Science degree plan, so it is not easy for me to answer this question.

I work in job placement, and I encounter people who have done all sorts of things with their degrees. Sometimes, it is far outside their normal field of study. Once you get a degree, and start getting some work experience, it is not difficult to transition from one career path to another.

I had a professor who told us that, "in order to change the system, you have to join the system. But, it is a rare person who can join the system, but not be changed by the system." In other words, change comes from the inside. You can go to work for the bad guys, and try to make them be less bad. (manufacturers, oil companies, etc. ) If you do that, your friends might think you have left "The cause." You can go to work for research projects, Greenpeace, etc. You can become a political activist. A teacher. work in the state and national parks. all sorts of possibilities.

To be honest, and again, I don't know the Environmental Science degree, I am concerned that it lacks, or is perceived as lacking, the "hard science" courses, such as microbiology. I don't know if people with that degree draw enough respect in the community. That is something I think you would want to research some more.

I hope this helps at least a little!
Best of luck!

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Saul’s Answer

Hi Sarah,

I, with a research background, would suggest that you continue your higher education and obtain a Master's or Doctoral degree. If these two are not an option, I would suggest that you take into account the training that you have received either through field or lab experience and then try searching for jobs that require those skills.

You may also try environmental factors as keywords when searching for jobs. Some companies have or have begun implementing ways to reduce their footprint on the environment and have been hiring recent graduates to study the effect of their companies/product on the environment.

I hope this answer along with those provided previously will help you better understand and search for a job that you love.

Good Luck,

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Lisa’s Answer

Jennifer, I am currently researching this for a client of mine. Try Googling "Jobs with Environmental Science Degree" Here are some related jobs: Environmental consultant.
Environmental education officer.
Environmental manager.
Nature conservation officer.
Recycling officer.
Waste management officer.
Water quality scientist.
take a look at this link - www.environmentalscience.org/careers
Careers in Environmental Science are so varied it is difficult to consider them as one category. You could end up working from home most of the time or traveling around the world on an annual basis. You could be doing desk work, field work, or some combination thereof. Your focus could be mathematical, physical, or written. Of course the majority careers in Environmental Science are some blend in-between.

I would consider a double major. Some schools such as NJIT offer this degree as a major or a minor. You could combine it with another science major. Some work will be using physical science and other might be more on the policy level, or even political and policy oriented. Also, some schools offer a Master's as well.

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Vernon’s Answer

Good question. During the next 4-6 years, the United States will be in retrograde on environmental issues. The executive branch has put an anti-environmentalist in place as the head of the EPA, so don't expect any positive initiatives coming from the Federal government.

Your best shot at employment will be in the private sector; Musk is releasing today the sales of solar roofing tiles, for example.

Otherwise, move to New Zealand. As a nation, they've committed to environmental protection.