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Sarah O. May 16, 2016 740 views

What can I do with an environmental science degree?

I am so passionate about the environment, and believe climate change is the most important issue. But after studying the environment, how can I turn that into a job? #science #biology #job-search #environment...


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Eric J. Jun 29, 2016 533 views

Does having a high college GPA distinguish one from the competition on job applications?

I am a college student pursuing a degree in computer information technology, and I have worked hard to be studious and to keep a 4.0 grade point average. Many of my classmates in the information technology track have less than stellar grades, which had me wondering: will my high grade point...

#college #education

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Isabelle L. Jul 09, 2016 662 views
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Minjung K. Sep 01, 2017 411 views

Chemistry to Pre-Medicine Track

Hi, I'm currently wanting to become a Chemistry major and apply for medical school. What are some advice that you can give me pertaining to what classes I should be taking, study materials (such as books, internet sources, etc.), and internship opportunities? Please let me know what your...

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Kelly I. Sep 01, 2017 545 views

I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing. will it be worth it to go to a community college or a university?

I have looked all over the internet to find out what is better to do. There is a shortage on nurses, which means lots of jobs. I want to know if it is necessary to go to either. My dream is so go to a university and have the college experience. I also want to come out with a job and only a...

#money #medical-practice #health-science #nursing #scholarships

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Brianna B. Mar 27, 2018 446 views

Does it help when looking for jobs to have a Ph.D. in marine biology?

I have wanted to get my degree as a marine biologist through Coastal Carolina University ever since I was in middle school, which was when I first started learning about marine life. I've known that marine science is the only Ph.D. program available at Coastal Carolina, but I am unaware of how...

#biology #doctorate-degree #science-phd #marine-biology #career

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Monica G. May 16, 2018 367 views

What is the difference between medical school and graduate school in terms of biochemistry?

I have been trying to find detailed information as to how both are different but most websites either give the superficial information or they only talk about how they are similar. I do not know what path to choose so I want to be able to know the difference between the two. I know medical...

#research #biochemistry #graduateschool #medicalschool

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Alexia G. May 21, 2018 280 views

Being Attractive to Colleges

Hi! I'm currently a junior in high school and I am worried that colleges won't find me a worthy candidate based on the fact that I don't volunteer much and that I am not in a lot of clubs. What should I do? Should I even worry? Is this a big factor in college admissions? #high-school...


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Erika W. Mar 23 180 views

What is the path to working in diplomacy/international affairs like?

I’m now a college freshman majoring in global studies, which I’m starting to realize is a bit different from the standard international relations degree (my school doesn’t offer this). I’m still interested working in world affairs (dream would be becoming a diplomat or working in an embassy),...

#diplomat #graduate-school #college #international