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Aleksandar T. Mar 15, 2019 107 views

I want to become a lobbyist, tips?

My first well-paying job was at a machine shop which specializes in turbines and pumps. So, naturally, I fell in love with the manufacturing industry; however, I have always had interest in government. I thought how I could connect my two interests and a career in the environmental seemed like...

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Jordan P. Feb 13, 2019 105 views

whats is urban forestry like?

What do they do? How do they do it? Why do they do it? when do they do it? Is it fun? #career #forestry #day-in-the-life #professional #environment #nature...


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Elizabeth P. Aug 30, 2018 140 views

How can I better my chances to get my dream job (environmental photojournalist)

I want to work for national geographic, but have heard that it is VERY competitive. What can set me apart and make me more appealing to them for me to achieve my dreams? #environment...


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lara M. Apr 14, 2018 200 views

can someone in ontario with computer science field answer this please

What does a typical day looks like for them? How do they believe their field of work impacts the environment (i.e. e-waste generation, lowering usage of resources, etc.)? (see rubric for more guidance in how to direct this question) What schooling did they complete in order to do their job?...

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Claudette L. May 29, 2018 178 views

Is there still age discrimination in the workforce?

I have read that for people over 50 it is hard to find a job. What are the chances of me finding a good job after graduation based on my age? #discrimination, #experiencevsyouth #experience #workforce...


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Jennifer N. May 10, 2018 271 views

What are the rewards of pursuing a double major?

I am passionate about environmental issues, and would like to use business to become a part in solving that problem. My university does not have a "green" business degree as some schools do. At this point I am intending to pursue a business major with an environmental science minor. I am...

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Abigail C. Apr 08, 2018 292 views

Is it worth earning higher than a bachelor's when pursuing a career in environmental engineering?

I plan to get a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering for sure, but would it be worth the time, money($40K/yr at the school I am looking at), and effort to work towards a master's or PhD? #engineering #environmental-engineering #money #debt #degrees #bachelors-degree #bachelorsdegree...

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Dayne V. Feb 06, 2018 285 views

What career would suite my interests?

Hi everyone, I am 24 years old and have completed many courses, traveled and worked a few jobs. I now want to start studying towards a #degree but I have no idea what degree field to study. To get a degree in South Africa is expensive so I want to make the right choice. My interests...

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Darlene D. Jan 23, 2018 238 views

Do you think that enthusiasm can be key to destressing and having a fulfilling life perspective?

A teacher in my class the other day mentioned that enthusiasm and positivity are extremely valuable in increasing life span as well as good mood. I have been attempting to remain more and more positive during my college application process and last year of high school. I personally feel that...

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Mark D. Jan 19, 2018 222 views

How can I become a environmental/wildlife enforcement officer?

My ultimate goal is to become an environmental enforcement or wildlife enforcement officer for Environment and Climate Change Canada. I have so many questions about this position (what's the hiring process like? what is a typical day in the job? what is the pay? do I have to relocate to...

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Allyson F. May 11, 2016 491 views

Would a BS degree in Environmental Engineering help me with my career goal to be a Director of a Water Treatment Plant?

I am currently enrolled in the Water Technology Program at my high school and hope to graduate high school with my General AA from the community college as well as my class C water operator's license. I am trying to decide on my university and major for after I grudate. #in #field #water...

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Paige C. Aug 31, 2017 253 views

How many different careers can you go into with a degree in environmental chemistry?

I have had an ongoing research project for 4 year now and have decided that I want to go into environmental chemistry. I know of a few careers to look at for the future but I am not sure of all of my options. I want to pursue a career that I love and can have fun with. #environmental-science...

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Hailey M. May 05, 2016 407 views

What kind of jobs and careers do people enter after studying conservation biology?

Is it common for people to work for the national parks and government, or is there another source of jobs? #biology #environment #ecology #nature-conservation...


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Logan A. Feb 03, 2017 613 views

Where is the best area to live that will offer me the best opportunities as an accountant?

I'm very interested in pursuing my interests and becoming an accountant, but I need to figure out where to start. Some careers offer better opportunities in different places around the world, for example a fashion designer shouldn't live in Missouri because they won't have as big of a market as...

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Israt A. Oct 30, 2016 614 views

As an environmental engineer, do you feel as useful as you thought you would before you chose the career?

The reason I'd like to pursue a career in environmental science is because I am genuinely passionate about being educated about the ways in which I can improve our environment. I'm curious as to whether or not most environmental engineers fulfill this passion during their careers....

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Sedona R. Oct 29, 2016 574 views

For those interested in pursuing a career in ecology and evolutionary biology, what types of jobs are available that involve working in the field with real organisms?

I have always been very interested in biology and animals, so when I discovered the ecology and evolutionary biology major at most prestigious schools, I thought it would be perfect! However, I know that I am a very hands on learner who would prefer to be out in the environment as opposed to at...

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Emma J. Oct 23, 2016 377 views

What are some effective and progressive jobs in the environmental sustainability field?

My major is in environmental science. I am striving to really change the world as much as I possibly can in this field, making huge changes toward environmental sustainability and creating more positive effects on humankind's ecological footprint. Thanks so much! #environmental-science...

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kimberly A. Oct 19, 2016 343 views

Why is it that only a small amount of colleges have a material science major?

I live in southern California and noticed that only a small amount of colleges offer material science as a major. This confuses me not only because that's what i want to major in, but also the fact that this career can solve many environmental problems. #science #environment #materials-science...


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Myranda K. Oct 18, 2016 459 views

What career choices are offered?

When studying for a degree in environmental engineering, what sorts of career choices open up? #career-choice #environment...


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Jocelin G. Aug 24, 2016 724 views

How difficult is it to become an environmental engineer if you're currently studying Environmental Science?

Currently studying earth and environmental science, but I am curious if I could do environmental engineering with my degree as a career. #environmental-science #environment #environmental-engineering...


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Keerthana U. Jun 27, 2016 667 views

Hai. I am Keerthana. Merits and Demerits of starting a new business

Hai. I am Keerthana. Can u Help me about Merits and Demerits of becoming a Business man / Starting a business? What are the areas should be careful when working as a business Man #business #educator #mentoring #environment #business-idea...