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What is a day-to-day like when you are an environmental science researcher?

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2 answers

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Ruth’s Answer

Usually, a typical day is filled with data gathering and analysis of samples, interpreting results and developing reports.
For people who find field work exciting, taking different samples such as ground water, surface water, soil samples at different locations can be very interesting.
I find technical report writing interesting because it helps stimulate my brain. trying to find out why the results of my samples turned out the way they are, relating it to other environmental components is very interesting.

Thank you so much! That is sort of what I expected, but was a little different than I thought it would be. Do you know if there is a job that combines both 1. Receiving project ideas and assessing their benefits vs. drawbacks to determine whether it is a good idea to proceed with the project or if adjustments are needed... and 2. leading a team of engineers/researchers to make sure that the project/research is going like it should within the boundaries given? David R.

Yes! Environmental Impact Analysts do that. Ruth Opakunle

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Mark’s Answer

Hi David!

A typical day would involve conducting research, analyzing data, produce reports, write articles, issues press releases lobby, fund-raise and developing plans to hopefully avoid environmental problems.

Specifics really depend on the place where you work. Like a lot of roles, everyday brings another challenge.

Hope this helps!


Thank you! David R.