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safina F. May 12, 2016 542 views

How do I become a singer?

I want to become a singer in my future. #singer #art #performing-arts #career #college...


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Jenni W. Sep 07, 2016 1164 views

When is the best time to start looking for jobs for after graduation?

I am a senior in college, graduating in May. I have begun looking for jobs, but many of my peers have not. I would like to know if I am wasting my time right now, or if I should have started searching sooner. #college #jobs #graduate #job-search...


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Sara M. Oct 27, 2016 414 views

How much does the average Optical Engineering Technician make per year (salary)?

I am new to the industry and trying to compare what I make to what other Optical Engineering Technicians make. I work in an optics lab assembling and testing lenses, among other things. This is not the eye glasses technician! #engineering #optical...


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Jenisha S. Apr 07, 2020 431 views

How to work from home

I love helping other in need. I love being outside traveling. I am in JROTC for 4 years. I have leadership skills...


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Wanzetta M. Oct 27, 2020 98 views

As a Neurosurgeon, how many years in total did it take to get where you are in your career today?

I am a high school sophomore and have always wanted to have some type of medical career. For the last couple of years, I've been leaning toward surgery and I'm really interested in the human brain which led me to Neurological Surgery as a specialty. I would love to hear from someone he's living...

#neurosurgeon #brain #career

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Derven H. Feb 26 94 views
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Lucas P. Mar 17 50 views

What classes should I take the rest of high school to get me ready to try to get my certification for being a personal trainer?

I've been playing with a few ideas. My father owns a gym and is a certified personal trainer, and I would always love to keep the business running because I saw how much work he put into it, but then again some other careers I've looked at is landscaping and outside work that pays well I would...


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Donovan C. Mar 17 74 views

What is the best way to prepare you for the marketing field?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me marketing would be a good career choice. #career #marketing #school #majors #careers...


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Johnson H. Mar 17 68 views

How hard is it to be a police officer in San Francisco?

I am a 9th grader in college and career learning what type of career I should be in class. #career...


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Amanda G. Mar 18 68 views
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Mira .. Mar 18 109 views

What college classes do you recommend for someone interested in becoming a detective?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I'm interested in learning more about how to become a detective, so I would like to know what classes are recommend. #career...


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Mira .. Mar 18 74 views

How many years of college are recommended for someone interested in becoming a detective?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I'm curious how many years of college are recommended for someone who wants to become a detective. #career...


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Mira .. Mar 18 104 views

What made you interested in becoming a Chief Executive?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I took a survey to see what career paths were recommended and chief executive was one. I would like to know if I am interested in becoming a chief executive. #career...