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Telecom Engineer/Truck Driver
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Newburgh, Kentucky
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Raven Oct 03, 2022 610 views

What all is needed to become a Writer?

Such as the amount of people you interact with. The pay and so on. I am open to just about anything.

Cera’s Avatar
Cera Aug 15, 2022 496 views

I'm trying to see where I want to live after college, any ideas?

So, my goal is to go to college and study equine, though I'm still not sure where I'll go. I want to be a horse trainer and a riding instructor, and after college my goal is to eventually get a horse farm where I can board horses, train them, and teach riding. I just have no idea where I want...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jul 26, 2022 599 views

What are good writing forums?

I know scribliophile is good for advice, but you need the premium plan for it to be really effective. Does anyone know of forums like that? Or just writing forums they enjoy?

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth May 28, 2021 523 views

Whoever works as a web developer please tell me why did u choose this career?

#career #career-choice #career-development #career-counseling #career-plan

Brionna’s Avatar
Brionna May 24, 2021 506 views

Do lawyers take cases they can't win ?

I've been interested in being a lawyer since I was in middle school. Any criminal justice show you can think of I have already watched it twice. #Criminaljustice

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 25, 2021 462 views

Have you ever gotten hurt on the job while researching animals?

#career #jobs #marinebiology #marinebiologist #biologist

Naikay’s Avatar
Naikay May 30, 2021 619 views

What are some careers that need great listeners?

I would like to know some careers that you need to be good at listening for. #student #business

Leo’s Avatar
Leo May 29, 2021 588 views

What does a normal day as a Painter look like?

#artist #painter #career #art #arts

Norah’s Avatar
Norah May 25, 2021 850 views

Are the sallary and benefits that musem curators typically get worth it?

I'm doing a project on museum curators and want to know about the typical salary of the career. Is the average salary worth it? Are there usually good benefits for this career, are they worth it?
#career #curator #museum #art #salary #fine-art

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl May 19, 2021 545 views

What are the different types of jobs for animators?

I’m a high school student ready to graduate. I would like to know more before i set off to the real world #business #student

Stacyangel’s Avatar
Stacyangel May 24, 2021 479 views

how many years of school needs to be taken to become a pediatrician?

#medical-school #pediatrician #children

Airic’s Avatar
Airic May 25, 2021 762 views

Is college a waste of time when trying to become a wholesale real-estate agent?

#real-estate #college #business #wholesale-real-estate

Kendell’s Avatar
Kendell May 25, 2021 512 views

What are all the tools you need to become an Real Estate Agent?

My name is Kendell Seth Perry and I attend Miami Carol City High School in Florida, where I live with my Mom and my brothers and sisters. And I also play basketball and that's what I want to expand my career on and if that plan doesn't work out , I want to become an real estate agent....

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl May 19, 2021 546 views

How do you make a good animation portfolio?

I’ve heard it’s one of the many steps on how to become a animator. But I have a problem on where to start #career #tech #art-education

kayalani’s Avatar
kayalani May 20, 2021 563 views

How can I sell/buy a home in a competitive market?

#business #career #realtor