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Miami Gardens, Florida
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I want to be accepted into a college that has great programs for lawyers so that I can direct my studies to my ideal career as a Criminal Defense Lawyer.



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Brionna Jun 04, 2021 446 views

What's the hardest part about becoming a Realtor ?

I want to get to know more about selling houses and helping people get there ideal dream house and I love house tours! #realtors

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Brionna Jun 02, 2021 430 views

Does being a lawyer affect your chances of having a second career ?

I want to pursue my career as a lawyer but I also want to have time to try another career. #career-choice

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Brionna Jun 02, 2021 489 views

What's the worst kind of client to deal with?

I want to provide the best advice and legal aid to my clients as I can. #lawyers

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Brionna Jun 02, 2021 455 views

Is it hard working in the law firm with certain kind of lawyer's?

I have always wanted to be either a lawyer or a realtor but I could never and still can't choose which one. #law

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Brionna May 24, 2021 516 views

Do lawyers take cases they can't win ?

I've been interested in being a lawyer since I was in middle school. Any criminal justice show you can think of I have already watched it twice. #Criminaljustice

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Brionna May 20, 2021 454 views

What are the risk of being a criminal justice lawyer?

I'm interested in becoming a criminal justice lawyer so that I can defend the innocent people. #lawyer