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Jasmine C. Aug 30, 2018 440 views

How much time and effort does it take to become a lawyer?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a degree in the law field, as a lawyer. However, I know there isn’t lots of things I must do to achieve this goal. What types of programs and classes should I take to become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #lawyers #attorney...


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Jasmine C. Aug 30, 2018 248 views

What are good side majors if you are thinking about majoring in law?

I am thinking about majoring in criminal justice/law. However, I’m not entirely sure if being a lawyer is what I what to do with my life yet. What do you think would be a good side major that relates to law but can also help me in the long run. #law #lawyer #math...


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Sheila C. Aug 27, 2018 152 views

How do you cope with having a job that doesn't necessarily always end well?

How do you deal with your occupation on a day to day basis when some things are out of your hands? #doctors #lawyers #cops #social...

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eriqua W. Jul 13, 2018 220 views

what type of colleges are good and have a good law program

i am in 8th grade and i love the law # law #law-school #lawyers...


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David H. Jul 07, 2018 277 views

What is the best way for me to save money during law school?

I know that during law school I will not be allowed to work more than 15 hours per week, and I am wondering how I will be able to afford to live and also save money at the same time. #law #money #school...


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Ximenna M. Jun 27, 2018 232 views

I want to be a lawyer. What do I need to do to be come one?

I'm going into 6th grade and I know that want to work as a lawyer in a Law Firm. #lawyers...


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Sara L. May 24, 2018 241 views

How can I determine whether or not I should (or even want to) go to Law School?

I've been considering an education in law for years. Ever since I was little, my family would jokingly tell me that I would be a great lawyer because of my confidence in my public speaking and my love of healthy debate. As I grow older, I still receive the same feedback but with the addition of...

#law-school #college #law #lawyers

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Kyle B. May 20, 2018 231 views

How do I self write a patent

I am currently working on a simple, but useful protype for a drill bit and I was wondering what type of lawyer in the columbus area or in general websight would be able to assist me in the process of writing my own patent in order to save money. #lawyers #job-search #money #savings...


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Carl J. Jan 17, 2018 215 views

Where is a nice and convenient location for a young immigration lawyer to get his career started?

Once completing college and law school I would like to become an immigration lawyer and jump start my career immediately. I am a very good Spanish speaker and would like to broaden my language spectrum but i would start out with Hispanic immigrants....


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vivekarjun K. May 23, 2016 517 views

which would be the best job lawyer or lecturer?

i am a arts student and completed 12th #lawyers #principal #lecturer #legal #lawyer...


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Katherine S. Feb 06, 2017 399 views

What important details should I put in my cover letter for becoming a lawyer?

I have some many good qualities. So you can give me some of your reasons why someone hired you to go into that lawyer position. I need some help finding the right Ideas to put in it. #lawyer...


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Hamid W. Oct 18, 2016 3637 views

Is it better to go to law school or get an MBA?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #business #university #major #business-development #law-school #attorney...


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Hamid W. Oct 18, 2016 637 views

Do all lawyers work in courts or in courthouses?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #attorney...


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Syed S. Jun 22, 2016 1909 views

Can a graduate pursue Law degree also?

My brother has completed his graduation as an engineer. But he is not getting any job in his field. So can He pursue Law degree now? #engineering #engineer #lawyer #counselling #lawyers...


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Raghu R. Jun 17, 2016 441 views

I want to become a Teacher

After completion of my education I want serve towards the society #teaching #teacher #professor #social-work #volunteering #lawyers #volunteer #trainer #leaders...


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Muzakkir S. Jun 17, 2016 536 views

I want to Study about Human Rights. Which Course I should opt after Class 10?

I am a student of Class 10, very much interested to know about Human Rights. #law #lawyers #human-rights...


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Mithun G. Jun 03, 2016 464 views

Want to know the universities and the study to peruse for becoming a lawyer?

I want to understand what graduation / post graduation should I peruse to become a lawyer? Also which universities are good to peruse this course? Also is there an university that helps in getting internship/practice ? #lawyer...


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Alexis G. May 13, 2016 700 views

What are some of the most important things and strategies to approaching the LSAT for law school?

The LSAT is made out to be a very daunting examination. Even though it is a little further down the road for me, I would really appreciate some insight into how the test works, and the best way to tackle it! #law #lawyers...


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Eric S. May 06, 2016 809 views

I am interested in becoming a lawyer. Is it a good idea to start studying some basic laws to help prepare me for the bar exam?

I am an 8th grader starting to think about what I want to do in the future. I like how lawyers get to dress up very nice to work and also the thought of helping someone with legal trouble sounds like a great job. #attorney...


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Akia M. May 05, 2016 504 views

what is the best university in North Carolina to attend to be a lawyer?

I want to make sure I am at the school to major in criminal justice and become a lawyer . #colleges #attorney #lawyers...


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Ranjini I. May 04, 2016 410 views

I was born in America ,so is there a chance that i could take up law in India and continue my caree in law after graduating?

As law deals with the Government and I being a citizen of another country was wondering if i could make a career with this subject in another country due to the present settle of home ....


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Jahayra M. Apr 13, 2016 727 views

What are some tips on becoming a lawyer what can I do in high school to help?

I asked this question because i want to be a lawyer and im in debate so im interested in law #law #lawyer...


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Katelyn P. Mar 13, 2016 844 views

What are some good schools should I look forward to in becoming a lawyer or working into the goverment?

HI,I'im only an 8th grader and when i had my IGP my teacher told me about this, so I was wondering if someone could help me out #law #law-school...


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Kenyan S. Feb 02, 2016 768 views

what does it takes to be a lawyer

i like debating . #college #law...


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Kenyan S. Feb 02, 2016 1596 views

is being a lawyer hard work ?

wanna know does it takes time to actually start your career . #college #law...