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Career Questions tagged Career Plan

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Ella Feb 23 192 views

Should I go into the medical field or become a writer?

I've always loved writing, but I've also always loved helping people. One of my goals in life is to have a lot of free time and freedom with my money, but I know I would only get one of those by becoming a doctor. I wouldn't have a lot of free time as a medical student and I'd work long hours...

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mia Feb 18 297 views

What are great opportunities to prepare students for college ?

What are great opportunities to prepare students for their careers ?
Just wondering how helpful it is to
try an internship. And other opportunities to help prepare for a career.

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Liam Feb 01 233 views

Switching Career?

I have learned that many switch careers in their life. What are things I should consider if I want to change careers, or before deciding to switch?

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kelly Jan 30 108 views

Is pursuing the the career of a veterinarian a good idea for someone who is hoping for a stable career?

Is pursuing the the career of a veterinarian a good idea for someone who is hoping for a stable career?

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Isabella Jan 07 397 views

How can I find some career guidance?

I graduated college and I am unemployed but I am having a hard time finding a job, I feel a little disoriented. How can I find some career guidance?

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Sydney Nov 10, 2022 360 views

How am I going to get into a college?

I'm graduating this year and I need help finding a career plan. I want to be an Architect, but I don't know how to achieve that. What is the best plan for me, when I go to college? How do I get into great colleges even if my GPA is suffering because of my freshman year?

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Ming Yin Oct 03, 2022 149 views

Future Career Factors?

What factors should be considered when choosing a career

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Bobbi Sep 16, 2022 233 views

Tattoos and piercings.

Why are tattoos and piercings considered unprofessional?

Kosha’s Avatar
Kosha Jul 08, 2022 303 views

What vast opportunities do i have after doing Ba in English

is Ba in English a best course ? after Ba can i do Ma in Mass Comm ?

what are the career options after Ba in English

Am i on a right track ! please help me on this

Thank you !

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Aayush Jun 05, 2022 423 views

How do I proceed in high school if I have an interest in Psychology?

What should I be doing in order to figure out if the field is really for me?

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Kenneth May 28, 2021 342 views

Whoever works as a web developer please tell me why did u choose this career?

#career #career-choice #career-development #career-counseling #career-plan

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Khensi May 05, 2021 379 views

What is the best career

Need advice in choosing a career #career-plan #career-options #career

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Chris May 04, 2021 384 views

Is there anything you could do to advance your career while attending college?

Since I'm not just going to take Computer Science, I wonder what other classes I should take to help reach my career goals. #career-counseling #career-plan

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Anton Apr 14, 2021 331 views

Where can you find connections for your career

#career-plan #career-path

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Arianna Apr 07, 2021 782 views

What degree plan should I go for to become a Forensic Psychologist.

The on campus schools that I want to go to don't have a Forensic Psychologist degree and neither do any of the other schools I have looked up. I was wonder is there anyway that I could go get a degree plan for this career. #career #future #college #career-plan #psychology

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lydia Mar 18, 2021 413 views

What is the hardest part in getting a business career?

#careers #career-plan #business

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Marco Feb 23, 2021 1293 views

Is civil engineering worth going to college for 4 years or are there any easier or more time saving paths

I'm a Jr looking to be in the field of engineering but i choose civil engineering because i think it suits me as a life long career but i want to know if it is easy to get a job or position as a civil engineer so all my college years and money won't go to waste #career #jobs #career-choice...

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Kimmyari Jan 22, 2021 374 views

How do you choose a career for yourself in the future?

#careers #career-choice #career-development #career-plan #freshman

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Aayushi Dec 15, 2020 833 views

I want to drop out from college and wanna do something else. Should i go for it?

I have completed 2 years of my college,3 more were left but now i have started to realise that this is not the career for me, what should i do? #career #colleges #dropout #career-choice #career-advice #career-plan

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nykiya Dec 04, 2020 619 views

What is a physical therapist outlook? Is this career easily employable?

#physicaltherapist #questions #career-plan

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Nikolet Nov 30, 2020 343 views

How could I help others find their career?

Ask them what they want to do in their life #career-choice #life #career-plan #career-path

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Dilara Jul 30, 2020 590 views

What's a career field that incorporates physics and computer science?

I'm a rising senior in high school and I am interested in physics, calculus, and computer science. I don't know what I want to do in college but I do want to double major. What are some careers that incorporate this? Is it a good idea to double major in physics and computer science? Or is there...

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Jul 30, 2020 2303 views

Which is better to study for a marketing career, psychology or sociology?

If trying to pursue a career in marketing, which courses would be more beneficial, psychology or sociology courses? #JULY20 #career #future-careers #marketing #career-plan #studies #marketingdegree #business

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jul 20, 2020 587 views

What's the best advice you can give to help plan a career rather than just work to keep a job?

I have always envisioned myself having a successful career, except I don't know how to make a plan. I'm in college studying psychology and criminal justice and want to have a career that highlights both of these fields. How do I plan for my future? #career #success #career-counseling...

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Judith Aug 30, 2018 718 views

What are some of your goals in life?

#career-choice #career-development #career-plan #life #career

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Aug 29, 2018 486 views

What specific careers can English majors go into?

I plan to major in English/Writing. I wish to have writing as a major part of my career and was wondering how many different careers fit that description. #career-plan

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joy Aug 22, 2018 680 views

What is the best career to go into with finance and business background?

#career-plan #career-options #career-path #careers

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Glendon Aug 11, 2018 555 views

What should I consider doing my first year of college, if I am unsure of what career I want to pursue

I'm starting my freshman year of college on August 27. I am 18 years old, and attending Prairie View A&M University. Over the summer I participated in a program at Prairie View, where I earned 6 college credits before the start of the fall semester. I want to make the most out of my first...

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Raven May 30, 2018 408 views

How do you prepare, mentally, for the rigorous demands of the medical field? And at what point in postsecondary schooling and training does it get the worst? When does it lighten up?

As I said in my previous question, I will be a freshman in college next fall. I've known for a while now that I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I work very hard and I am passionate towards what I do, and I have faced a lot of adversity. No one in my family has a career in...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Apr 08, 2018 843 views

Is it worth earning higher than a bachelor's when pursuing a career in environmental engineering?

I plan to get a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering for sure, but would it be worth the time, money($40K/yr at the school I am looking at), and effort to work towards a master's or PhD? #engineering #environmental-engineering #money #debt #degrees #bachelors-degree #bachelorsdegree...