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Career Questions tagged Military

Military members serve their country with pride and distinction while earning a salary and gaining valuable skills. From an intelligence analyst, pilot, engineer, and many more. There are also...

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Diya P. 2 days ago 17 views

How do I become a military surgeon? What are the possible ways I can take to achieve this goal?

I want to know how to become a military surgeon. I know there are programs in colleges where you can get military training and that to join the military as a doctor, you will need a PH.D. But I am unsure of this fact.

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Ishmael C. May 03 141 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

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Ishmael C. May 03 92 views

How do u enlist in the U.S NAVY?

I want to be an enlisted sailor.

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Luis G. Apr 28 122 views

Should I complete my basics in a community college or should I join the military and do my education afterwards?

I wanted to see what options are better, whether to complete my basics first or complete all my education after I serve the military.

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Kirill K. Apr 26 143 views

I want to become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the US Air Force and I have some questions.

1. To become an ATC, do I need to simply enlist, or do I need to go to ROTC or the Air Force Academy? 2. What training is required to get the job? 3. Do you think that computers and other machines will soon make the job more automatic? 4. What are some tips that can help someone on the job?...

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Addie D. Mar 11 109 views

Can being a JAG lawyer be a lifelong career or is it a good idea to switch to a civilian job after an amount of time?

I am considering becoming a JAG lawyer but I'm not sure if I should use it to gain experience and then leave the military for a law firm or if it is kind of a choice as you go thing.

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Chaance S. Mar 03 171 views

Am I able to be in the military for 4 years and then work as a neonatal nurse?

Hey, my name is chance and I attend Aldine Ninth Grade School in Houston Tx. I want to attend the military when I gradate highschool to make my family proud. I also really want to work as a neonatal nurse in the NICU. I love babies and being around them, I also was a baby in the NICU for about...

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Ethan A. Mar 02 147 views

Should I go to college with the ROTC or just go straight to the military?

I don't fully understand the ROTC but my uncle has said some things about his experience and I'm unsure about what to do. #military #college #career

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Addie D. Feb 08 166 views

Does a military lawyer/attorney do different tasks compared to regular ones?

I am thinking I could become a lawyer/attorney through the military and I'm just wondering how different it is from just being a regular lawyer/attorney?
#lawyer #law #military # #college #attorney

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Zaria T. Dec 01, 2021 186 views

What is the best way to get into any one of the departments under Homeland Security?

I enjoy solving mysteries and finding out information through research. Also I enjoy traveling and I have moved around a little bit. I have worked as a security guard for 3 years, I also have licences to carry a weapon and I have an interest in Information Technology. I plan on joining the Air...

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. Oct 20, 2021 143 views

What was your steps to becoming a Armored Assault Vehicle Officer

I want to be a Armored Assault Vehicle Officer for the marines and i am wondering what are your opinions on this and what steps did you take to become one. #military

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Aidan P. Oct 19, 2021 291 views
Aidan P.’s Avatar
Aidan P. Oct 19, 2021 143 views

what occupation for the army sees the most combat?

#army #military Like to see combat on ground searching corners or being a sniper.

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Nian J. Oct 14, 2021 170 views
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raadi R. Oct 09, 2021 233 views

what is best subject joining for ias.

how to become ias and raw agent joining #college #military #criminal-justice #government #acting-uppcs #navy #administrative #india

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Ryan B. Jul 15, 2021 308 views

What are your goals?

I want to be financially free by the age of 30 #finance along with serve in the US Military. Own an active real estate LLC along with having a gross 7 figure income per year. With a net worth over 8 figures. #business #military

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yash R. Jun 11, 2021 429 views

How you join the Indian Navy?

1. How to join navy services under government of India as well as in private companies?
2. What are terms and condition to under go to the navy. #career #job #navy #military

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Brandon F. May 18, 2021 356 views

Is it hard doing your military work while getting a college degree?

I'm graduating in 4 weeks and my plans is to be a part of the military. I'm trying to prepare to be active in the military while pursuing a college degree.
#military #informationtechnology

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Avya T. May 17, 2021 426 views

How much does it cost to become a cadet pilot?

In India , cadet pilot training .
How much does it cost ?
Which airlines have scholarship ? #airplane #pilot #scholarship #cadet- #military training #flying

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Brandon F. May 14, 2021 217 views

Are there any benefits of using information technology in the military?

I am a senior in high school. I'm considering entering the military when i graduate. I would like to study information technology.

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Derrick J. Mar 15, 2021 309 views
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Alyssa O. Mar 09, 2021 275 views

What are all the rules and restrictions on attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD?

I'm asking this question so I can know what is disqualifying when attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD. #military #Army #enlisting

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Grant C. Mar 08, 2021 394 views

What are some benefits you can get if you serve in the military?

I want to join the military right after high school #military