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Career Questions tagged Rotc

Kirill’s Avatar
Kirill Apr 26, 2022 530 views

I want to become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the US Air Force and I have some questions.

1. To become an ATC, do I need to simply enlist, or do I need to go to ROTC or the Air Force Academy? 2. What training is required to get the job? 3. Do you think that computers and other machines will soon make the job more automatic? 4. What are some tips that can help someone on the job?...

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 13, 2017 600 views

What are some of the qualifications to get into rotc?

My friend recently applied to several rotc programs, what are some of the qualifications that they look at to determine acceptance? #rotc

Yerin’s Avatar
Yerin Nov 22, 2016 1042 views

What isthe GPA requirement for West Point Academy?

I'm interested in West Point Academy, but I don't know their average GPA requirements for high schooners. #military #us-army-military #rotc #united-states-army #westpoint

Ruth ’s Avatar
Ruth May 26, 2016 1921 views

Is it possible for individuals to be accepted into the ROTC Program that do not have a high enough ACT or SAT score?

Many individuals are really bad test takers, but will work harder than anyone who got an outstanding score on the ACT. If you can prove to the College that you want to attend, as well as the ROTC Program, is it at all possible to be accepted into the ROTC Program even if your scores aren't to...

Ruth ’s Avatar
Ruth May 26, 2016 795 views

How would one go straight to becoming an Officer in the Air Force from AFROTC?

I am going to be doing AFROTC in college, and would like more information for how to go right from graduating from ROTC to being an Officer in the United States Air Force. #military #air-force #rotc

Keara’s Avatar
Keara May 13, 2016 1106 views

How do you get involved in ROTC at your college?

Hi! I'm asking this question because I've recently been informed that my parents are not supporting me financially in college. I've done some research and found that ROTC programs in college can help pay for tuition. It's something I would love to do, but the deadline for this year has already...

Steele’s Avatar
Steele Oct 14, 2015 1134 views

Military Opportunities?

I am a junior in high school and I’m planning on joining the Marines. I want to know what is better, to enlist right away or to go to a ROTC program or if I should go active or join the reserve and if I did go active or reserve which would have better opportunities in the work force after...