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Career Questions tagged Army

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Aidan P. Oct 19 72 views

what occupation for the army sees the most combat?

army military Like to see combat on ground searching corners or being a...

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Brandon F. May 20 154 views
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Alyssa O. Mar 09 189 views

What are all the rules and restrictions on attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD?

I'm asking this question so I can know what is disqualifying when attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD. military Army...


Alyssa O.’s Avatar
Alyssa O. Feb 25 696 views

Can you enlist in the army if you had a 504 plan for ADD before the age of 14, but still had it after your 14th birthday?

I want to join the army in a few years but I wasn't sure if this would be disqualifying. If you know more about this topic, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. *Thank you* army armyfuture futurearmygoals enlisting armyenlistment...


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Dakota B. Nov 05, 2020 185 views

What does a US army soldier do on a daily basis??

I like to shoot firearms. I like to clean firearms and keep them clean. I also like to be in a high pace enviroments. And like to be in high preasure places. Army Marines...


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Terence S. Nov 03, 2020 206 views

Why this career?

I want to join the And Want to be a doctor...


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Samyukta S. Oct 15, 2020 212 views

Can you describe the education and training path to become an Army doctor in India?

I wanted a brief illustration of the career path (after graduating high school), to become a doctor serving in the army in India. Thanks in advance! doctor career-paths army...


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justin R. Sep 18, 2020 151 views
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Kelly W. Jul 17, 2020 244 views

What to consider before join the CAF?

I've recently been interested in joining the Canadian Armed Forces. It is now something I'm highly considering after I finish my undergrad degree. However, not a lot of people followed this path and was wondering is there anything to consider being committed to this option? CAF...

army physiciansassistant candianarmedforces military july20

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Marie E. May 11, 2020 234 views

Is being in the army good?

my best friend wants to go into the army and I want him to follow his dreams and do good and be better for himself military...


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Luigi D. Mar 13, 2020 181 views

How many years to get a retirement check

1.Honest and 2.Persistent There’s not allot about me except when there’s something difficult that i must accomplish And i actually enjoy the activity, i would use all the options i have to accomplished. Highly motivated in something i like Coastguard...


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Coriean C. Mar 13, 2020 244 views

Is there a military option on here ?

My name is coriean, I want to join the army and build my career as a special operations soldier. I suggest anyone who wants to join the military talk to all 5 branches before you go. Cause originally I was going into the marines but there benefits arent good they wont really take care of me...

military army

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jacklyn R. Dec 13, 2019 237 views

What should i know about being a Combat Medic?

I'm a student at Job Corps still trying to figure out what i want as a career. I'm just asking so i have a clearer mind about my choices. Medicalfield...


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Nathan E. Nov 20, 2019 235 views

What are the requirements to join the military?

I am a freshman at T.F. Riggs high school and I was curious about what I would need to join the military. military...


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elyse R. Nov 15, 2019 254 views

how do in become a military officer within the research fields of marine biology?

I love animals, being outdoors, and nature. I'm okay with performing hard work or getting dirty, because it doesn't bother me. I love stories on military researchers and their experiences. marine-biology military army marine...


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Elizabeth R. Nov 05, 2019 211 views

Would enlisting in the military get me more experience?

I wanna join the Army, but I also wanna go on with my career has office administration...