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Career Questions tagged Navy

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Paul Mar 02 119 views

What does it take to join the Special Forces?

What does it take to join the Special Forces and what is it like?

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Daniel Feb 23 277 views

Can I join the army if i have a 504 plan for ADHD?

I'm a Junior in high school currently looking into a military career and I was wondering if I can join the army or any branch with a 504 would having a 72 on the AFQT(Armed Forces Qualification Test) help? I would like to clarify that according to DOD medical standards that I came across a 504...

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jharet Feb 08 257 views

How is the military and do you recommend it

i want to get in to it I'm 17 but I'm nervous

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Cameron Feb 02 129 views

What skills or training do I need to have in the US Navy as a fighter pilot?

What is the perfect thing to do in the navy or when do I join and start as a fighter pilot in the US Navy

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riley Jan 30 146 views

why should i join the military?

what are benefits of joining the army and what do i do if i change my mind later on?

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Avery Jan 30 118 views

What path can i take to be able have the most successful career in the military?

I was told many benefits of the military and it sounded interesting i'm also very dedicated and hard working so i thought it would be a good idea to try. Although im more interested in the air force than any other branch.

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Kolben Dec 13, 2022 296 views

What are the biggest benefits for joining the military?

I have been wanting to join the military when I get old enough. I would like to know what the benefits of each of the branches.

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Eric Nov 03, 2022 182 views

military questions

What made you join the military?

How did you join the military?

why did you join the military?

when did you join the military?

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jamal Sep 29, 2022 186 views

how hard is aviation?

how hard is it to be qualified to fly in the navy force or to fly for commercial or the u.s? army

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Corey Sep 26, 2022 313 views

What is the experience like as being a Health care administration specialist in the US Navy?

I'm curious about pursing this path

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adam Sep 13, 2022 165 views



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Ishmael May 03, 2022 535 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

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Ishmael May 03, 2022 463 views

How do u enlist in the U.S NAVY?

I want to be an enlisted sailor.

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raadi Oct 09, 2021 395 views

what is best subject joining for ias.

how to become ias and raw agent joining #college #military #criminal-justice #government #acting-uppcs #navy #administrative #india

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Dawson Jun 24, 2021 285 views

I plan on going into the Navy for Aviation Mechanics I was just wondering the process of the entire endeavor

My name is Dawson Noll, I plan on going into the navy for aviation mechanics after my time at job corps learning auto mechanics along with diesel mechanics so I can have the best chance at attaining aviation mechanics for my MOA in the navy. #aviation #navy #airline-industry

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yash Jun 11, 2021 1004 views

How you join the Indian Navy?

1. How to join navy services under government of India as well as in private companies?
2. What are terms and condition to under go to the navy. #career #job #navy #military

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Elias May 20, 2021 347 views

What one of the first main things people do when they return back from the navy?

I plan on joining the navy for a minimum of5 years but I'm still deciding on which college I plan on attending when i return back after 5 years. #Navy #event-planning

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Keith Mar 07, 2021 338 views

Navy vets what trades might you learn on a ship?

#Navy #military #Veteran #learning

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Lilly Dec 03, 2020 1028 views

Do you regret choosing to enlist in the military

I am an intelligent individual with the ability to get into many prestigious universities, but recently I have been wanting to enlist in the military. I want to enlist in the navy, and hopefully become a navy SEAL. I do realize that it is a long shot, especially considering I am a female and...

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dylan Dec 03, 2020 414 views

How to become a millionaire at the age 19?

I am a upcoming family vlogger and im trying to maintain my GPA in the process #navy #gpa #everyone

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Genevese Dec 03, 2020 460 views

how to be ready for college?

I'm a senior wanting to be a bio-engineer, before i wanted to be a marine biologist. i want to get all A's just like last year. #navy #biologist #marine-biology #military

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deejay Oct 07, 2020 365 views

What does it take to become a Navy Construction machinist

how can I become a Navy construction machinist? #navy #construction

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Shayla Sep 16, 2020 353 views

How do I search for careers I want?

#welding #nuclearengineer #Navy
I play basketball, hang out with friends on the weekends. I work alot

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Olivia May 12, 2020 463 views

What is NROTC like in college?

I have an interest in temporarily joining the military after college. I also want to go to law school at some point. #college #military #law #navy

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mackenzie Jan 24, 2020 539 views

what does it take to become a medic in the navy

my name is Mackenzie im 16 and im really interested in going into the medic industry and #military #navy becoming a medic in the navy

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gowthami Dec 19, 2019 410 views

is aviation course is best or not

#pilot #aviation #navy

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George Oct 14, 2019 488 views

Is joining the Navy for welding a good choice after advanced training at job corps?

#military #navy #career-choice

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lili Aug 27, 2019 565 views

How can I gain experience before joining the military?

I am in 11th grade, 16 years old.
#mil #military #army #navy #air-force #college #educator

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lili Aug 27, 2019 449 views

How can I gain experience before joining the military?

I am in 11th grade, 16 years old.
#mil #military #army #navy #air-force #college #educator

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isidro Aug 07, 2019 645 views

What's it like to work in security?

#career-details #navy #police # #law-enforcement #career #security