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Career Questions tagged Cna

Tyra C.’s Avatar
Tyra C. Aug 10 65 views

CNA and Obstetric Nurse

Hey my name is Tyra, on my last post someone said if I put the questions down, you all will be happy to answer. 1. What are some types of restraint trainings for a CNA ? 2. What do you like most about being a CNA or Obstetric Nurse ? 3. What are some tips that can help me be successful as...

Sandi G.’s Avatar
Sandi G. Aug 09 79 views

CNA Informational Interview

Hello, my name Sandi. I'm in the process of obtaining my CNA certification, and I was wondering if someone would take time to contact me to answer a few of my questions for my informational interview?


Nidia V.’s Avatar
Nidia V. Jul 07 135 views

Career Advisor Here!

I have a student interested in the medical field and looking into a CNA or Medical Assistant program. However, he/she has current DUI's on record. My question is: Would this hurt his/her chances with gaining employment after training? Being more transparent: would a hiring manager turn an...

Haley M.’s Avatar
Haley M. Jun 13 148 views

Do you enjoy doing this if so why?

Is being a cna difficult?

Cheyenne S.’s Avatar
Cheyenne S. Mar 28 154 views

What is some advice for new nurses?

I was wondering what would some advice that experienced RN/CNA/LPN have for new nurses entering the workforce in post covid life.

Hannah S.’s Avatar
Hannah S. Mar 28 159 views

What does your weekends normally are like within your field?

I am on my way to getting a CNA and been wanting to be a RN with a bachelor's, and I'm wondering if I will have weekends off or if/when I have weekends if it would be like weekdays?

Brianna H.’s Avatar
Brianna H. Mar 21 217 views

How would you Treat an LGBTQ+ / POC in the health industry

The reason i ask this is because It is 2022 and the Medical Industry still treat there LGBTQ+ /POC nurse community with utmost disrespect by staff and patients which i find very hurtful why is that they cannot be treated with respect also .

Brianna H.’s Avatar
Brianna H. Mar 21 102 views

Is cna a good career to be in ?

I always wanted to be in health work setting and i love helping people but there stuff in the field that i'm not comfortable with what should i do ?

Brianna H.’s Avatar
Brianna H. Mar 21 273 views

How do I know if CNA is the right career for me?

I want to know if cna is a good job for me is it a right career choice am i doing the right thing i care for people but am i capable of handling the job.
What should i do.

Yvonne L.’s Avatar
Yvonne L. Dec 01, 2021 165 views

Do you think that a career in Certified Nurse Assisting is worth pursuing?

If money was not an issue, do you think that pursuing a career in CNA is worth the pursuit? I love helping people, baking, dance, reading. #nursing #cna

Yvonne L.’s Avatar
Yvonne L. Dec 01, 2021 268 views

What is a regular day like for a Certified Nursing Assistant?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA. I love to serve people and assist them in any way I can. I am kind, patient, and loving. I like to read, write, dance, and bake. I would like to know what nurse assistants do day in and day out. Tell me a day in the life of a CNA. #nurse #nursing #cna

Yvonne L.’s Avatar
Yvonne L. Dec 01, 2021 208 views

How did you know you wanted to be a CNA?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA and I would love to research more about this career field to get a better understanding if this career is a good fit for me. #cna #nursing #career #healthcare

Sapi I.’s Avatar
Sapi I. Nov 05, 2021 166 views

Can you have more than 1 career?

Im into like helping others and like always giving a hand out no matter what it is. But then I also love to cook and bake also it runs in my family. Just love making others feel great and just want them to enjoy their selfs. #CNA #Baker

Ligya D.’s Avatar
Ligya D. Aug 31, 2021 177 views

What are your main responsibilities as an CNA?

I`m interested in becoming an CNA

Marlene U.’s Avatar
Marlene U. Sep 03, 2020 395 views

For those in the medical field, how does your affect your lifestyle?

Also, how did your job affect your lifestyle when you first started out in this field? #APN #APRN #RN #Nurse #LPN #CNA #MD #Doctor #Physician #medicalfield #anesthetist

Markell M.’s Avatar
Markell M. Mar 02, 2020 2105 views

whats the hardest part about being in cna

#healthcare #medicine #doctor #nursing #physician #CNA

Daquan B.’s Avatar
Daquan B. Mar 02, 2020 362 views

What does a cna day consist and does it have to do with a lot of reading a writing?

Very dedicated, Consisted, Observation skills, Time management
Empathy and compassionate

#CNA #nursing #healthcare #medicine #nurse

Cameron A.’s Avatar
Cameron A. Mar 02, 2020 408 views

How long have you been doing CNA

#CNA #nursing #healthcare

jada H.’s Avatar
jada H. Mar 02, 2020 354 views

How long does it take to become an cna?

i like to work and help people out. #medicine #doctor #CNA #nursing #healthcare #nurse

Markell M.’s Avatar
Markell M. Mar 02, 2020 311 views

how many cna workers are in Chicago IL

#CNA #nursing #chicago

Nishk S.’s Avatar
Nishk S. Feb 25, 2020 335 views

I am thinking of doing a CNA course, but my intend is not to go into nursing. I end goal after college is to become a general surgeon. Would taking a CNA course help me with my application to pre-med colleges?

#medicine #premed #premed #medical #nursing #CNA #surgeon #surgery #doctor

Symone Z.’s Avatar
Symone Z. Feb 24, 2020 244 views

what are the steps to get from a CNA to LPN

#nursing #cna

kinijah C.’s Avatar
kinijah C. Feb 10, 2020 303 views

what is a life in days work in Cna?

I am a junior in high school and trying to figure out my plan because college is approaching very soon. #nursing #medicine #job #nurse #CNA

Dorothy C.’s Avatar
Dorothy C. Feb 04, 2020 304 views

What is your greatest attribute in the Nursing industry?

#nursing-education #healthcare #CNA

aniayh W.’s Avatar
aniayh W. Feb 04, 2020 407 views

What are three important things I should know about being a CNA (e.g. working conditions, typical schedule, rewards, and challenges)? What are some tools/technology I should be familiar with?

#Certified-Nurse-Assistant #medicine #CNA #Nurse #Nursing #Registered-Nurse #RN #health-care #medicine

Dorothy C.’s Avatar
Dorothy C. Feb 04, 2020 476 views

3. Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcome it.

I am interested in a career in the health care industry. And I was just wondering if someone could help answer a few questions. #healthcare #CNA #hospital-and-health-care

Anjali P.’s Avatar
Anjali P. Feb 04, 2020 299 views

How do I know if my CNA license is still valid?

I became a CNA in Illinois in May 2017, worked for a private PRN company during the summer of 2018. I know there's some rule about working at least one shift every 2 years to keep your license but I've never gotten anything in the mail to tell me if my license is expiring soon or not. Any...

Marlene U.’s Avatar
Marlene U. Feb 03, 2020 370 views

What courses should I take in college? How should I prepare for med school?

I'm currently at job corps for CNA training, but I'm working towards becoming a General Pediatrician in the future. Looking for advice of the best paths to take to becoming a General Pediatrician. I'm aware of the long journey ahead of me, but I'm also willing to work hard to get there. Any...

Daisha D.’s Avatar
Daisha D. Jan 29, 2020 278 views

What are common challenges you have to face working as a nurse aide?

#nursing #healthcare #pca #cna

Daisha D.’s Avatar
Daisha D. Jan 29, 2020 273 views

What qualities make a good CNA?

#CNA #healthcare #nurseaide