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Career Questions tagged Agent

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Sep 23 211 views

What benefits come with this career?

401 K, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, Paid Medical leave, Paid Sick Leave, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Identity Protection, financial resources, Financial Hardship Programs, Flexible Scheduling, Disability Insurance

Zaria’s Avatar
Zaria Dec 01, 2021 294 views

What does a normal work day look like for a Special Agent of the FBI?

I am a 23 year old female that appreciates having routines and things being planned out but I also enjoy having a little variability. I am someone that is flexible and and enjoys change. #criminal-justice #career #Agent #Federal

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Airic May 21, 2021 220 views

What are the steps to becoming a wholesale real estate agent?

#marketing-and-advertising #international-business #realestate #agent

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Catherine Aug 26, 2019 640 views

What is your personal experience like working in the publishing industry?

Hi, I'm interested in working in the publishing industry, so I really want to hear about the personal experiences of professionals in this industry, especially because I'm not sure which specific department I want to work in (e.g. editorial, marketing, production, sales, publicity, etc). If...

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Jan 20, 2019 406 views

Are any degrees necessary to become a talent agent?

I’ve recently become interested in being a talent agent for models and athletes but as assumed this is not a common career and I don’t know much about how to get there and be successful. #talent #agent #management #sports-management

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 18, 2016 742 views

Can you address the "agent versus no-agent" question for emerging fiction writers?

As an emerging fiction writer, I'm interested in hearing from people in the publishing industry about the pros and cons of each approach. #author #agent #publisher

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 18, 2016 727 views

What business advice do you have for a student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing?

I am a writer with little talent for business. The publishing industry is a tough one to find entry into and I'm open to advice. #writing #author #editor #creative-writing #agent #published

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 15, 2015 1594 views

ok. so i would like to be a part of the B.A.U of Quantico Virginia as a profiler that works in the field as an agent. What courses should i take in college? What colloge should i go to?

hi. I would love to work there. i would like to save lives interview criminals, bust down doors, lock up a serial killer investigate crimes and such. #fbi #crime #agent

MariaMayela’s Avatar
MariaMayela Jan 26, 2015 1255 views

what career can i take to be risk managment administrator?

I want to be like an FBI agent but with less risk and in a company and I want to know what career I should take #business #lawyer #police #agent #social-psychologist #administrative-law

Pedro’s Avatar
Pedro Apr 01, 2014 2514 views

What are the job requirements for becoming an F.B.I Agent??

I am a 15 year old at Democracy Prep Charter School, and i am very curiouse and determined to become an F.B.I Agent when i graduate college. #law #agent #order