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Career Questions tagged Talent

sam’s Avatar
sam Feb 24, 2021 289 views

how to be a singer

i am a good singer ,writer,speaker,poet,dancer and actor #singer #performing #songwriter #talent

Dara’s Avatar
Dara Aug 26, 2020 406 views

How can I become successful in acting and performing at a young age?

I'm a grade 8 girl living in toronto, canada. #high-school #acting #performing #college-advice #agents #talent

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Jan 20, 2019 456 views

Are any degrees necessary to become a talent agent?

I’ve recently become interested in being a talent agent for models and athletes but as assumed this is not a common career and I don’t know much about how to get there and be successful. #talent #agent #management #sports-management

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Jul 01, 2016 706 views

How do I become a professional musical singer and songwriter?

I'm currently a sophomore at James Lick High School and I love singing. Singing is my passion and I like making up songs with random lyrics to it. #singer #talent

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jun 02, 2016 858 views

What if I don't have a shining talent in college admissions?

I am a rising senior doing college applications and it seems that I don't have a shining talent or quality like all other students do. #college #college-admissions #admissions #talent

Hajira’s Avatar
Hajira May 06, 2016 776 views

what was your first experience acting

because I want to became a actress #dance #actor #talent

Rasbin’s Avatar
Rasbin Mar 03, 2016 882 views

Do you recommend specific ways of studying?

Actually i find some difficulties in studying class 12 physics magnetic portion, so I want any suggestion about how to go on as my exam is coming near? #science #professor #physics #studying-tips #talent

Joana’s Avatar
Joana Sep 26, 2015 2531 views

What is it like to become a teacher? I'm thinking of becoming one as well :)

Can someone give me a list of types teachers Out there instead of school (Don't give me English, math, science, etc.,) I want to become a teacher out there. But what other teachers are there?? :) #teacher #art #children #learning #talent

Shaksz’s Avatar
Shaksz Apr 28, 2015 2900 views

Studied Architecture - now I don't want to work in that field. Any related fields?

Hello. I have finished a degree in Environmental Architecture. I have one month left to graduate, but I don't want to work as an architect. I realised that it is not the field for me around a year ago. However I thought it would be a waste to let go of the 3 years I finished when I am so...

Emmanuella Ringnyu’s Avatar
Emmanuella Ringnyu Nov 17, 2014 1009 views

what are the educational and personal requirements in becoming an actress?

i'm sixteen,and in high school,i'm basically confused on a career to look forward to but i keep admiring various careers most likely acting.I was in the Drama club at my primary school in Cameroon,and now at high school i took Drama for an option.Will it help in anyway and what do i have to do...