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How can I become successful in acting and performing at a young age?

I'm a grade 8 girl living in toronto, canada. #high-school #acting #performing #college-advice #agents #talent

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5 answers

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Johnetta-Brown’s Answer

Take all the classes and training you can, starting now - school plays, community theater, acting, auditioning, singing, dancing, teleprompter, TV announcing, whatever. Begin participating in performing opportunities, like local theatre auditions. Figure out if you want to focus on stage, film, or TV. Find a acting to help you.

Watch out or scams. you should NOT pay to have an agent represent you.

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Tatsiana’s Answer

Hi Dara! I think the first step would be to find out if you have any acting classes or extracurricular activities at your school or close to school or close to your home so it’s convenient for you to attend. If you don’t, check if there are any acting online clubs that you can join and find a mentor in this field who will guide you. It’s very important to find a mentor, he/she may be truly life changing. Good luck with everything!

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Len’s Answer

I'll echo the answers above in that training schools are the key, but in this day and age it's very easy for you to create your own videos on your phone or other devices and get feedback that will augment the training. It's a long road but a very rewarding one if you have a true passion. Once you have good headshots and something to show there are agencies who specialize in younger people/ Good luck.

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Anna’s Answer


I will also say schooling is incredibly important.

However, I would suggest getting as much experience as possible. Audition and be involved in as many productions as you can to build skills and experience. Don't get discouraged if you don't get cast in everything! Take every production as a lesson and continue to build your resume and skills!!

Take as many classes as you possibly can (acting, dancing, singing, lighting, sewing, etc.), once the class is over, don't let that be the end of your education! Keep your skills sharp and fresh!!!

Break a leg!!!

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Candice’s Answer

Hi Dara!

The first thing I would do is to be start with acting classes! Check www.candinewscamps.com/private classes

In this class you have a mentor and guide to help you navigate your acting career!

Candice recommends the following next steps: