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Career Questions tagged Apprenticeship

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Nov 19, 2022 518 views

Resume for Electrical Apprenticeship

How would I format a resume for an electrical apprenticeship? What will the foreman/hiring manager be looking for and how much time do they spend processing through candidates (like how long should it be so I can make a good impression)?

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Nov 02, 2022 206 views

How can I be a lineman?

I am a junior in high school and I want to get into some sort of trade. Right now I have my eyes set on being a lineman. How do I get into being a lineman? What options are there other than an apprenticeship?

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Aug 04, 2022 364 views

Any advice for Starting an electrical apprenticeship right out of trade school?

Im currently attending trade school working on building my foundation and i would really appriciate any feedback or information on getting into the electrical field. Thanks in advance!

Kaden’s Avatar
Kaden Sep 17, 2021 323 views

As a lineman would I be 'living' in a bucket all of the time or would I be able to get out sometime and help in other areas?

I am 16 planning to attend Northwest Community College for 1 year to become a lineman #college #lineman #apprentice #apprenticeship

Kaden’s Avatar
Kaden Sep 17, 2021 287 views

If I am an apprentice am I getting paid the same as a year 1 lineman? Would I receive the same benefits as an apprentice?

I am 16 planning to attend Northwest Community College for 1 year to become a lineman #College #Lineman #Apprentice #Apprenticeship

Lungile’s Avatar
Lungile Aug 05, 2021 370 views

How can I get apprenticeship?

M current a n5 student I want practical experience #internship #apprentice #apprenticeship #job

Aziyah’s Avatar
Aziyah Jul 30, 2021 455 views

Is there anything I should avoid when entering the tattoo industry?

Hi everyone, I will shortly be a tattoo apprentice and I was just wondering if theres anything I should in tattoo shops or in the tattoo industry as a upcoming tattoo artist? #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #ink #tattoo-apprenticeship #artist #art #apprenticeship

David’s Avatar
David Oct 15, 2017 612 views

How do I get an apprenticeship?

I'm taking a Welding Technician program at a polytechnic in my city when I pass I will be a second-year apprentice, but I'm still worried about getting work in an economic downturn; what can I do now to improve my success rate? (I live in Canada) #apprenticeships #welding #apprenticeship...