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Career Questions tagged Plumbing

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Sep 08 31 views

What is Plumbing like

what is plumbing like exactly, i've done plumbing before but i want to know more.

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Eugene Aug 16 81 views

Should I advance my career in Plumbing?

Would it be a good idea to keep advancing? Such as moving up in ranks, such as becoming a Constructions Manager? Is it worth the time AND money?

Eugene’s Avatar
Eugene Aug 16 53 views

Hows the life of a self employed Plumber?

Whats the Pay like? What kind of Licenses do you need? How demanding is it here in the valley of California?

Thank you!

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JaRon Apr 19 107 views

Do you feel like there's enough work?

Do you ever feel like there's a shortage of work at any point in your field?

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JaRon Apr 19 102 views

What do you do to stay sufficient?

What do you do to improve or stay "sharp" on your craft besides conducting service routines?

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JaRon Apr 19 383 views

Did you learn any valuable lessons?

Is there anything that you learned from work that you now apply to your everyday life?

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Feb 28, 2021 441 views

where can I find job shadowing opportunities for welding, HVAC, or plumbing? (I am 17 by the way)

#job-search #welding #HVAC #Plumbing

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christopher Jan 22, 2021 189 views

Im in the 10th grade wondering if i were to go into the millitary would i still be able to get a degree for plumbing and would that be best?

I am in school and im intristed in going into plumbing and i ahve hobbies of games and woeking with my cousin in plumbing and wood working. Im also very intristed on hands on work and what would best fit me for these type of jobs #career #millitary #plumbing

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Noah Aug 13, 2019 253 views

Have people got injured? #Building Construction

I'm going into #Plumbing

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Joseph Feb 14, 2019 330 views

How do I get my license to to any type of house work?

#career #construction #plumbing

edgar’s Avatar
edgar Oct 20, 2017 589 views

What do i need to work in drywall?

i like to work in drywall #carpentry #plumbing #technician #floor-planning #construction #residential-construction #construction-estimating #construction-set-building

Shemar’s Avatar
Shemar Dec 04, 2013 1121 views

what classes should a person generally take to get ready for a career in the electrical engineering field/plumbing?

i just need some advice on where to look in the that is in the direction. #electrical-engineering #general-electric #plumbing