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Career Questions tagged Carpentry

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Feb 15 71 views

What advice do you have on getting my carpentry certification?

Im currently in the starting process of getting my Carpentry certification. Is there anything I need to know before getting to deep into the class?

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evajeh Feb 15 102 views

construction bct

what are things i need to learn about construction

angela’s Avatar
angela Feb 08 108 views

What does a typical day look like for a Constructuion & Building Inspector?

What are some software skills I should be familiar with?
What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Feb 06 224 views

Could you use carpentry to get into Real Estate ?

I'm in job corp in pisgah forest in Scheck NC I'm just wondering if I can use this skill to get into real estate

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 01 312 views

construction manager

what does construction manager do in the construction site building ground

shawn’s Avatar
shawn Jan 17 138 views

What skills are needed mainly in carpentry?

What skills are needed mainly in carpentry.

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Jan 12 197 views

Job Search

How do you find a Good Job?

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Gaige Jan 11 110 views

How is the construction industry?

how much money do they make?
how are my bosses and coworkers ?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Dec 13, 2022 253 views

Is there an easy way to become a good construction engineer?

Is there any mistakes you made so I could be aware of?

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Austin Dec 09, 2022 130 views

Does anybody know anyone/are themselves or once were an Army Firefighter (MOS12M) or Carpentry Specialist (MOS12W)?

These MOS Stand out most to me although information on them is scarce. Wondering if could get any more information, especially in detail as I am struggling to find anyone who has done these and can truly tell me what it is like. Thanks for any information! #EOY22 #Army #National Guard...

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Dec 08, 2022 148 views

any tips on becoming a construction worker?

Like what does the day look like?

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Chelsey Dec 05, 2022 154 views

For a Carpenter occupation?

For a Carpenter occupation, what is a typical schedule like? What tools should I get familiar with? Are there any free books for beginners that could help me prepare?

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Jakob Dec 05, 2022 500 views

How hard is it to get started in the carpentry industry?

Im currently about to start my trade at san jose job corps

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 277 views

What is the best route to start in the carpentry industry?

im a san jose jon corps student currently about to start my carpentry trade

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 155 views

what type of tools would i need for construction management?

Hi im a san jose job corps student and im currently about to start training for these careers

ryland’s Avatar
ryland Nov 01, 2022 150 views

How do I combine my love for woodworking and agriculture?

How could I do woodwork and Agriculture at the same time. What would a smart career path for me to pursue. How are these two subjects a-like.

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Oct 04, 2022 111 views

As a female in a hard trade , is it different? Do people expect less or more from you ?

I came into trade school and a lot of people were surprised to hear that i was interested in carpentry i just wanted to know if there is a difference

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Oct 04, 2022 196 views

I wanted to go into carpentry but I was wondering..

Do you NEED a bachelors degree in construction management to be a construction manager or can an associates degree work too ?

sergio’s Avatar
sergio Sep 22, 2022 116 views

Whats some good advice for a future carpenter?

I graduate high school
I liked my Pre-engineering class and my Ag mechanics

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Josh Aug 29, 2022 511 views

hi i was wondering what the average day of being a carpenter looks like?

Carpentry Question

Ahsem’s Avatar
Ahsem Aug 29, 2022 203 views

What are the experience like day to day?

What are the experience like day to day? What is your goal here and how do you face your challenges. How will you make a difference here working and what to expect.

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dustyn Aug 26, 2022 246 views

How much is the salary for a carpenter?

I want to know how much the salary for a construction carpenter is so that I can know that I will be able to provide for myself.

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kevine Jul 21, 2022 189 views

Is carpentry the best option

why would carpentry be a good trade or career for someone?
if you were to own a construction business, what would be some of the requirements for your job?
outside of work , what something that interests you

Micah L.’s Avatar
Micah L. Jul 06, 2022 217 views

Carpentry Questions I have

How rewarding is it to be a Carpenter?
How much variety is there when being in Carpentry?
What are the overall pros and cons of being a Carpenter?

Violet’s Avatar
Violet Jun 28, 2022 273 views

General questions from someone going into construction labor.

Hello, I have some questions for those in the construction industry. What kind of jobs can you find in the private sector? I can easily imagine doing public works kind of things but I'm curious what there is past that. For anyone working in the private sector, or maybe running their own...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03, 2022 326 views

How long does it take for someone to learn all of the skills needed for your trade?

I know how long an associate's degree and bachelor's degree takes but what about any other certifications or prerequisites are there that i can obtain? How long do they take, any what do I need to do before hand to get them done?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03, 2022 304 views

What path would you recommend to someone just starting out?

What choices are ahead of me that I don't know about yet? What is the best options i can take advantage of? How can i make the most of my time?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03, 2022 303 views

What steps did you take to get to your position today?

I have graduated high school in 2015, but have struggled to get into the trades of my choice. I want to know what you did in order to get into your trade, as well as any advice that you could give if you were to do anything differently. Also, just to specify further, I am interested in two...

Gerald’s Avatar
Gerald May 17, 2022 184 views

What are some of the biggest struggles in construction?

Need better understanding on what common tasks to look follow to if i decided to pursuit in this type of occupations.

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 16, 2022 219 views

How would I build a new kitchen in a house I would build?

I want to build a new kitchen for my mother but I don't know where to start or begin or what tools and things I need to use to build it.