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Career Questions tagged Building

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Derek Mar 22 117 views

What kind of job field should I pursue if I like to build things and like technology?

12 grade
Like building Lego
Like star wars
Like video games

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Ezekiel Feb 22 196 views

what architectural job pays the most?

I am wondering which job in the architecture/construction industry would pay the most, I enjoy building and planning the building stuff.

alijah’s Avatar
alijah Feb 22 142 views

how much do cement make?

like how long you have to be working to get a higher raise? or will I be working for the union/?

evajeh’s Avatar
evajeh Feb 15 108 views

construction bct

what are things i need to learn about construction

angela’s Avatar
angela Feb 08 112 views

What does a typical day look like for a Constructuion & Building Inspector?

What are some software skills I should be familiar with?
What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 01 317 views

construction manager

what does construction manager do in the construction site building ground

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David Jan 30 101 views

What is the most difficult thing in architecture?

I've been thinking of being an architect, I consider myself a great drawer and am good with numbers. Ever since I was younger I had a pull towards creating or building something. I really find it exciting when you get pull those ideas and create a physical design of a model or building.

Roel’s Avatar
Roel Jan 24 117 views

Is construction tiring or sometimes it gets dull?

Has construction taken a toll or sometimes do you regret this career, or is it rewarding?

marcell’s Avatar
marcell Jan 11 101 views

what are the benefits of being a cement mason in the union?

If i were to be a cement mason, how would be able to join the cement union and what are the necessary steps that i would have to even take to do so for this trade?

Gaige’s Avatar
Gaige Jan 11 112 views

How is the construction industry?

how much money do they make?
how are my bosses and coworkers ?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 13, 2022 151 views

Some problems while being an architect?

What are some problems you've had while being an architect?

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Dec 09, 2022 212 views

construction managers and engineers

What skills and attitudes do you value most at the workplace and advice when chasing a junior role in the Civil and construction industry?

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Dec 08, 2022 149 views

any tips on becoming a construction worker?

Like what does the day look like?

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 158 views

what type of tools would i need for construction management?

Hi im a san jose job corps student and im currently about to start training for these careers

Rene’s Avatar
Rene Oct 31, 2022 159 views

What are the best thing to learn before going into architecture and what are some things to consider when starting my own construction company?

I was thinking of starting my own construction company before going into architecture because I was going to use the money from my company to pay for architecture school.

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Oct 06, 2022 432 views

what are the risk and pros to making your own construction company?

what are the pros and cons to building your own company

what different licenses do you need

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Oct 06, 2022 377 views

why is a bachelors degree needed for most construction jobs ?

i was wondering why is a bachelors degree needed for most construction jobs .

isaac’s Avatar
isaac Oct 03, 2022 468 views

How much money does a experience welding in Texas?

Job Corps student in Texas

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 31, 2022 180 views

How do I go about becoming a marine architect?

Is there a possibility to become a marine biologist while being a marine architecture?

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Aug 29, 2022 513 views

hi i was wondering what the average day of being a carpenter looks like?

Carpentry Question

DarMario’s Avatar
DarMario Jun 09, 2022 292 views

How does construction work and what are the skillful aspects of it?

Would I be paid a salary for construction and what would be the benefits? Ideally, I would like to start off with a job title that can lead to a future and possibly be helpful.

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 16, 2022 298 views

How do I find an empty location to build my own house?

How do I find an empty space to build my house in Chicago but I need help finding a location?

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 16, 2022 245 views

how would i build my own carpentry business?

My dream is to build my own company to build homes and shelters for people who are homeless or who cannot find housing.

kristopher’s Avatar
kristopher May 03, 2022 248 views

What are the hours like working in building construction technology?

how many hours can you work each week ?

meila’s Avatar
meila Apr 19, 2022 255 views

what school do you want to go to if your into construction .

im into construction.

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Apr 19, 2022 374 views

What are some challenges you'll face in brick masonry ?

I would like to know if there are any challenging experiences people have went through while in this field .

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Apr 19, 2022 339 views

What are the most important requirements to enter this field?

Being hands on is important, but what are the educational and physical skills required?

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Apr 19, 2022 214 views

What is the highest position I can receive?

It would be useful for me to know if positions or roles higher than entry-level can be obtained.

trenton’s Avatar
trenton Nov 03, 2021 280 views

Hey i wanted to know what are the yearly salary's for Building Construction Technology, Pre-Apprentice

hi my name is Trenton I will someday like to start my own construction company one day, I'm currently in rolled and joliet job-corps center very hardworking love getting things done love learning new skills, also like to travel try new things meet new people experience new foods and cultures....

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Nov 01, 2021 335 views

What would be a good path to go into construction?

I am 17 years old, I go to school at Day Spring Christian School, I am enrolled into OTC in construction for cabinet making and trim, I have been building stuff from a very young age, and I am really good at making things detailed.

#construction #building #career-path