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Career Questions tagged Building

Dejanae W.’s Avatar
Dejanae W. Dejanae W. Jul 30 33 views

would being an architect actually make a good career?

i’ve stuck to the thought of my career job being an architect, but i can’t seem to find much about the job. i’ve watched maybe two videos on youtube about finding offers, and how it’s kind of difficult to get customers sometimes, so mostly you’re just waiting for a call. also, i’ve found that...

#designing #architect #art #building #goals #career #college #architecture

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Malachi D. Malachi D. Mar 01 111 views

Advanced Science Technology

How can a person like me get their hands on advanced technology and parts to build things of those natures? #technology...


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Mariah M. Mariah M. Aug 03, 2020 118 views
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Nancy O. Nancy O. Jul 29, 2020 373 views

Why is it hard to build my network and find a mentor in my field of study?

I am an IT major. I tried my best to build my network and find a mentor, but it's really hard. Maybe, I am not doing it the right way. I need help....building my network, finding a mentor.....almost EVERYTHING. Technology might be in demand, but it's really hard to find a job without...

#help #network #july20 #building #technology #mentor #college #networking #major

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Timothy C. Timothy C. Aug 27, 2019 160 views

How is the environment like in the construction field?

I am a Job Corps student and want to know more about the career I'm going to be learning #construction...


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Noah N. Noah N. Aug 13, 2019 162 views

Have people got injured?

I'm going into plumbing #building...

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Levi K. Levi K. Jul 25, 2019 167 views
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Benjamin B. Benjamin B. Jun 12, 2019 206 views

What would you say is the most rewarding part of the job?

Other then seeing a finished building or work site what makes you feel then best about getting the job done. #carpentry #hard work...


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Jason P. Jason P. May 03, 2019 186 views
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Rodrigo C. Rodrigo C. May 19, 2016 455 views

what kind of college could i go to for a soccer player

I like soccer because i been playing sense i was 6 years old. soccer is my best sport i played for 1/7 years.every year. #college #soccer...


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sammy L. sammy L. May 17, 2016 416 views

What can I do in high school to prepare for a career in architecture?

I know that I should go to college and major in the right subject but is there anything I can do in hs to get there faster? #architecture #architect...


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Omar F. Omar F. Apr 10, 2016 565 views

graduated with 2:1 in Quantity Surveying but do not want to work in the field

Hi Guys. I hope someone can really help me, i have graduated in QS and during the course wanted to change but was not sure what to, so i completed the course, now i do not to do quantity surveying,.oh yeah also got a hnc in CAD + Construction. which i did before i went to quantity surveying...

#cad #architecture #construction #building #surveying #cost-estimates

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Emerald W. Emerald W. Dec 09, 2015 1083 views

Lost looking for careers design houses

EDUCATION I'VE COMPLETED: Western Australia Certificate of Education Governor Stirling Senior High School, 2012 ; Certificate III in Media Completed at Central TAFE, 2012; Certificate II in Music; Completed at Cyril Jackson Senior High School, 2012; Certificate III Business and Certificate...

#real-estate #interior #drafting #houses #building #design

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Jayden L. Jayden L. Oct 19, 2015 688 views

what is the best collage i should go to if i whant to be an arcitect

I would kindly like to know what the best way for me to become an architect. And what collages would be good for that #creative...