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Taylor A. Apr 14 55 views

Who are the biggest Interior Designers?

What companies and pros really stand out in the design world and what could I learn from them? #interior-design #interior #designer #professional...


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Eh M. Mar 15, 2019 129 views

What do i need to know to be an interior painter ?

I want to know more about what I need to know to become an interior painter. #interior-design...


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Cynthia H. Feb 18, 2018 184 views

I am in my 50’s; went back to college after realizing I Love interior design. Is agism a problem in this field, what jobs would be open for an older graduate?

I went back to school after raising children and starting/running a flooring store for 15 years. I know I love the field, especially in the eco friendly areas. I’m concerned at my age of investing in university costs. What jobs would realistically be available for me in Northern California?...

#interior #ageism #will

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Lindsay L. Jan 18, 2017 466 views

If you wanted to be an interior Designer what types of skills would you need to have? Is there more careers like this that I might possibly be interested in.

I am in 7th grade ,and I'm pretty sure I want to be an interior Designer but I am open to other options. I a, still on the track of Interior design and would like to know the daily duties etc... #interior #personal-development...


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Emily L. Feb 17, 2017 501 views

What does a starting interior designer earn? (Approximately)

Interior design interests me. #design...


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Raven P. Oct 19, 2016 734 views

What are some benefits of Architecture over Interior Design?

I have been struggling with choosing my major before college. Ive been planning on becoming an architect, but I also have the idea of interior design in my head and would love some advice. #interior-design #interior #interior-architecture...


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shradha D. Jun 24, 2016 558 views

do i have to brush up my drawing skills to become an architecture?

I want to become an architect but my drawing skills are not up to the mark,what do I do? #design #architect #interior #drawing...


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Jordan D. May 25, 2016 619 views

What technologies are required for architecture or interior design in this day and age?

Given my interest in architecture and becoming an architect, I want to learn how to become well-versed in the realm of the field. #technology #architecture #architect #interior-design #knowledge #interior...


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Maggie G. May 19, 2016 731 views

As an interior designer, are the projects that people come to you for more free range or are there more guidelines?

I am going into my junior year as an interior design major. So far our projects have had minor guidelines, but I can pick and design the space how I want. In a real life situation are there more guidelines? Are people more picky, or do they trust your design? #jobs #design #interior-design...

#interior #interior-architecture #residential-homes #interior-designer #commercial

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Shi Ying Quince C. May 19, 2016 509 views

What career choices I have with interior design and Japanese?

I been studying interior design in college but due to some academic issues I have to change to Japanese which I still want to be doing something with design. Is there any career choices that can combine the two together? #interior #japanese #interior-architecture...


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Mckenzie H. May 19, 2016 669 views

what state would be the best to live in to start a interior design business?

I am 18 and im going to University of San Francisco CA. Im asking this question because i want to know where i should start my career. #interior #designers #interior-designer #interior-decorating...


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U'Quanla M. Mar 03, 2016 589 views

What opportunities are available for people who want to be in the Interior Design career?

I live in Charlotte, NC and there aren't many open opportunities for younger people under 18. It's very hard to learn about different events or clubs that are happening in Charlotte so I never really know about things that relate to my interest. #design #interior...


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Emerald W. Dec 09, 2015 939 views

Lost looking for careers design houses

EDUCATION I'VE COMPLETED: Western Australia Certificate of Education Governor Stirling Senior High School, 2012 ; Certificate III in Media Completed at Central TAFE, 2012; Certificate II in Music; Completed at Cyril Jackson Senior High School, 2012; Certificate III Business and Certificate...

#design #drafting #houses #interior #building #real-estate

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Samuel.kendall S. Oct 22, 2015 1022 views

How do you first get started with interior design?

hi my name is Samuel and I am in 6th grade and I am interested in this topic and I want to know how to get started please help by telling me what I need to do to get started (thanks I really need it) #design #interior-design #interior...


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Samuel.kendall S. Oct 22, 2015 1015 views

whats the normal salary of a interior designer?

hi I am in 6th grade and before I get started with this career I need to know a few things please help by replying (thanks) #design #interior #interior-decorator...


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Akira H. Sep 07, 2015 6146 views

what subjects should i take in IGCSE if i want to be an interior designer?

i am answering IGCSE next year and i want to be an interior designer..but i am confuse which subjects to take so i need some suggestions:) currently i am taking accounting, english, maths, physics, chemistry..please answer..thank you...


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Breanna J. Sep 02, 2015 606 views

How much do Interior Designers make ?

i want to know...


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Sarah R. Jun 18, 2015 614 views

Are there any colleges that have known good interior design programs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specifically or even anywhere else?

I am a ninth grader and I am looking into the interior design career and am looking into colleges that have good programs for this field that are known. It would be helpful if it were in Pittsburgh or even in Pennsylvania but if it's anywhere else it's okay too. I am looking for college or...

#design #college-majors #university #college #interior-design #interior

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Sarah R. Jun 02, 2015 2196 views

Do interior designers make an above average amount of income?

I am a ninth grader and am looking into careers for the future. I want to be an interior designer but I am afraid that the income won't be good enough to live on. I don't want to chose a job based on income but that part of choosing a job worries me and I want to be sure. #interior-design...

#interior #income

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Cameo C. Mar 26, 2014 1258 views

Is it ideal to have a background in architecture and focus on being a potential interior designer?

I am a graduating senior with a high interest in design. I love the arts specifically drawing, building and even fashion design. I do not have much experience with either careers but i do plan to explore it in College. I am not sure if the two careers are completely required or which road who...

#design #architecture #career-path #interior-decorating #interior #architect

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Ctsavage . May 28, 2013 1683 views

Is being a restaurant owner and an interior designer possible to do at the same time

Does anyone think it is possible to be a **Restaurant Owner** and **Interior Designer** at the same time? I want to do this but my navy life and my girlfriends mother thinks it is impossible. I need insight on this topic #design #interior...