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Career Questions tagged Designers

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Kooper Nov 09 117 views

How to start out with art?

what are some first steps to doing art as a job? what are some things the beginners should know?

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Tamari Nov 03 135 views

Any tips for beginner fashion designers and where to start?

Any tips for beginner fashion designers and where to start?

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kya Oct 18 179 views

What are the duties, hours, working conditions, salary range and fringe benefit of fashion design/ fashion merchandise?

I am a senior in high school interested in the fashion industry and I have been successful with art throughout high school

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Sep 26 162 views

what should be my first step to become a Game Designer?

When I graduate I want to become a Game Designer and just want to know the steps I needed to take.

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Jersey Dec 03, 2020 365 views

Why Design?

Hi! I just want to ask all of you designers out there, "why did you choose design?". Why did you choose it as a career path? I have always loved design but when a person asks me why I chose it, I seem to have the answer but it's stuck at the back of my mind. I am hoping to have some insights so...

MJ’s Avatar
MJ Sep 08, 2020 535 views

Where do I start if I want to go into the fashion industry?

I love to sketch out designs and have a huge passion for fashion but I don't know much about really big brands. Where do I start now that I know what I want to do with my life? #fashion #fashion designers #apparel-and-fashion #designers #fashion-design #fashion-shows

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kenzie Jun 12, 2019 449 views

How was your first fashion show?

#fashion #designers #fashion-design #design

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Madison Aug 21, 2018 469 views

what is salary for a designer

like a home designer #salary #design #designers #art

Raney’s Avatar
Raney May 29, 2018 701 views

What do companies look for in a portfolio when hiring a designer, artist, or photographer?

I want to design logos, album covers, and advertisements for record labels, musicians, or lifestyle companies. When creative professionals hire freelance artists or people to work for their company, what kind of things do they look for in their portfolio before hiring them? #graphic-design...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna May 21, 2018 437 views

Do you have to know people to get involved in the design industry?

I plan on going into an environmental design program, but I’m a little bit worried about how hard it will be to get into the design world fresh out of college. I’m just worried about making connections, so I was wondering if this is a struggle for other people. #design #environmentaldesign...

Poppy’s Avatar
Poppy Jan 10, 2018 604 views

I am an aspiring fashion designer any advice?

I'm 13 years old (in my second year of high school) and desperately want to be a designer I have started sketching I can hand sew and I've made a couple of tops with my sewing machine and I am hoping to one day move to London and study fashion after I've graduated I'll take any advice about...

C’s Avatar
C Jan 08, 2018 1699 views

Can you share your experience as a UX or UI designer? What's like? What takes you there?

Undergraduate student thinking about future career options. I don't really know much about UX or UI Do I need to know programme language before taking UX or UI courses? Major in Psychology ; Want to explore different career options & where to apply psychology knowledge in real world....

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Feb 21, 2017 488 views

what subjects are included in game designing

i what to know what subjects are included in game designing #gamers #designers

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Jaydeep Jun 09, 2016 609 views

How much to u earn if u r an automobile designer

I wanna know about this because many people are not interested in this i want to know how reputed it is #designers #automobile

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Mylik May 26, 2016 785 views

What specific field should I go into if I eventually want to branch off on my own and start to design my own car engines?

After college I plan to gain experience hopefully by, working side by side with today's top performance car designers. Once I soak up any information they can give me, I want to branch off and design my own performance car parts. #engineer #mechanical #designers #car

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Sammy May 25, 2016 674 views

Once you have a game designer degree, what does it take to build your own game and put it out there for people to use?

I want to create my own games #degree #game #designers

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shabhana May 23, 2016 816 views

how do I become a fashion designer ?

i have completed in 12th .more interested. #experts #designers #fashion #career #apparel-and-fashion

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kavitha May 19, 2016 574 views



Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie May 19, 2016 1005 views

what state would be the best to live in to start a interior design business?

I am 18 and im going to University of San Francisco CA. Im asking this question because i want to know where i should start my career. #interior #designers #interior-designer #interior-decorating #commercial-design

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Jaylon May 05, 2016 742 views

What are some techniques to stay positive during work hours?

I want to be a fashion designer. I really lose my mind and can't stay positive sometimes. #fashion #designers #stress

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Apr 13, 2016 1280 views

What kind of places can graphic designers work?

I was thinking of double majoring in English and art with a minor in psychology. #college #graphics #designers #company

Adrianne’s Avatar
Adrianne Apr 12, 2016 1423 views

What do I have to do to become a clothing designer?

I like to draw/ design clothes. #fashion #designers

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Tristan Jan 05, 2016 1265 views

What degree does video game designing take and how can I achieve IT

My name is Tristan Spencer and I always wanted to be a game designer because I like it and it is my passion. #video #designers #gamers

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 05, 2015 872 views

what college courses and college to got to , to be a Graphic Designer

I just want to know what it takes to be a graphic designer for the future. #general #graphics #designers

Willy’s Avatar
Willy May 23, 2015 1066 views

How to become a car designer in USA

I mean I'm from Taiwan but I don't have enough money to study abroad, so can anyone tell me how to be a car designer even though my nationality are Taiwan(ROC).By the way,I'm really interested in car and always feel excited about things realated to cars, can anyone support my dream, or tell me...

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Jan 05, 2015 972 views

How do you have embellishment ideas for fashion?

I have seen a lot of beautiful embellishment on dresses, shirts, pants, jackets and I would like to be able to do that without thinking to hard. Please help. #fashion #design #fashion-design #designers #ideas #inspiration

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Jan 05, 2015 2024 views

How does a fashion designer stay inspired to design?

For me, I am not always inspired. One day, I will have an idea that I need to sketch out, and on other days I don't. I really don't want this to stop me from accomplishing my goals. Please help. #fashion #fashion-design #motivation #designers #inspiration #pencil-sketching

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Oct 03, 2013 1388 views

What does one or a few types of typical days look like for you if you're a game designer?

I just asked this question about programming but I want to ask also for game designers. Are you mostly drawing all day in a studio? What does it feel like and what do you actually do? Do you only work on one game at a time? If there are different types of days, I would really like to know what...

Alain’s Avatar
Alain Aug 19, 2013 2373 views

How to become a game designer?

First off I'd like to apologize for such a long post. Some info about me; I live in Malta (in the EU) and I am 16 years old. I am currently wondering what to take at A-level and Intermediate level to be able to achieve my dream job. So far I've registered myself for; Art and ICT A-level and;...