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emily G. Oct 29, 2019 128 views

how do i find my passion in my job

I would like to try out something with crimal justice, sports industry, something big to be known for, listening to peoples background stories on how they grew up to get to where they are, child abuse. being on tv or a porfessional in any sports o rto be known #sports #criminal #famous...

#backgroundstories #helpingothers #knownfor

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Terrence Z. Aug 03, 2015 930 views

How do you become famous?

I would love to become like Christina Aguilera or P!nk. In this context, what is the best way to achieve this dream? #entertainment #singing #famous #celebrity #fame #christina-aguilera...


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Tatiana G. Jun 15, 2015 1022 views

How can I become a famous singer and how can I get my name out there in nyc

I really want to be a singer it been my dream to become a famous singer so I need all the help I can get #singer...


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Sophia D. Jan 26, 2015 4875 views

What major do I need to study to be a writer

I am a high school junior and for awhile now I've been wondering about what career path I should take. I believe that a job is something you do for money and a career is something you do because your passionate about it. I love to write! I find myself writing everywhere in my spare time and...

#novel-writer #writer #educator #journalism #famous